Things to do on Khobar Corniche?

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If you are visiting Khobar, there are few places where you can enjoy the sight seeing of this beautiful city and Khobar Corniche is one of them. We are penning down some of the activities which you can do on Khobar Corniche which is also known as Khobar Sea Front: Vibrant Waterfront Park and Fountain.

Khobar corniche is almost 5 hour drive from the city Riyadh. It is a beautiful city with beach and corniche along the sea. The environment is so clean and air is so fresh and you can have a really good time sitting on the sideways which have been created with grassy patches.


As it comes to food, you will find endless options for food around Khobar corniche. From international cuisines at Cheesecake factory to traditional Saudi foods and all type of fast food options are available. We had our dinner at a traditional place, Dar Al Karam Restaurant. You can check the review here.

We reached Khobar corniche at night and to be honest, you cannot enjoy sea sight as you can not see waters moving at all. It was foggy and no activity in sea waters so it was a little disappointing. If you want to enjoy waters, you are gonna have to go for Half Moon Beach. We were expecting beach alongside corniche on Khobar as we have seen it in Jubail where you can enjoy both.

No sea water access and activities at night:

It is a little bit disappointing that you cannot enjoy any water activities on the corniche but the sea breeze is something to enjoy and let you breathe in fresh air. As far as corniche is concerned, it is a beautiful place to visit. The air is fresh and it was a bit chilly as we visited by end of February.

You can take good photographs around fountain which is a beautiful sight in itself.

The whole area has been well lighted and so many options for good pictures.

I specifically liked this “I love Khobar” sign.

Cycling Track:

Another thing you can do on the Khobar Corniche is cycling. They have built a cycling track which is best to enjoy cycling alongside sea and enjoy fresh air.

Family picnics:

On weekends, you can have a good family time with family by having a picnic on the corniche. Kids can play and take all slides and swing which have been built every here and there on the corniche. Bring some home made food and you are good to go for a pleasant day alongside sea waters.