WSB, Women Skills Bureau Event in Riyadh 2018

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Hey ladies, Yesterday I got a chance to attend Women Skills Bureau event in California Resort, Riyadh. Women Skills Bureau, known as WSB is a platform that provides opportunities to inspire and empower women coming of all nationalities in Riyadh. WSB provides career guidance, tools and skills to empower women so that they can excel in their respective career choices.

This is my first time that I attended this event as it is once a year event, organized under the logo of ‘Found and Be Found’. I got information about this event online as I wanted to engage myself in some fruitful activities. So, I signed up for this event a week before and got an online confirmation to attend. The ticket to the event was 50 SR with free food and beverages. The payment of the ticket was done at the event. If you are also interested in winning prizes, you can also buy tickets at raffle station. I bought 5 tickets for 25 SR but unfortunately could not win. The raffle draw happened at the end of the event.

The aim of WSB is actually Found and Be Found. So it offers opportunities to different entrepreneurs who want to advertise themselves by the word of mouth and aim to bring their products and services to the attention of the people living in Riyadh. In addition to it, if you are looking for some jobs or volunteer work, you can find plenty of opportunities here at WSB. The exhibitor tables were available for 150 SR only. Bring the brochures, business cards, your artistic work, and your products at the exhibitor table and tell people about it all by yourself. It is a great opportunity to get good clientele for your business.

As I did not have any product or service to offer myself so I went there as an attendee to see what type of opportunities are available for women in this event. As it was my first time, so I had no idea how WSB works so it ended up becoming a great learning experience.

I talked to the German School exhibitors. The German School representative told me that if people want to admit kids to the German School, they can as seats are available and they welcome all kids as they necessarily don’t have to speak German. They teach them German and then kids study German Curriculum at the school.

As an expat, I asked American School representatives that how expat women can access jobs in the schools and what their criteria was. The lady explained it very well that how the system works and how English Language Courses are important for resume if you are not a native speaker and especially work experience matters a lot.

GlowCard is an amazing find for me at WSB. You can get your card online valid up to a year, here at If you get the card you can get discounts from 10% to 50% on different brands like Sephora, Gymboree, Escada, Paris Hilton, hotels and restaurants, fitness centers, salons, cafes and medical centers. If you subscribe, they will call you and you can ask for information as much as you want.

Haya Tours and Horizon Tours were also present at the event to showcase their travel portfolios. Both companies offer tours to different historical and archeological places in Hail, Riyadh and other cities including activities like hiking and camping.

You could also get a chance to find your perfect homes at WSB as representatives of Arizona Golf Resort and Darraq were also there. You can find a perfect home in these resorts. Darraq portfolio is pretty amazing and you can check this link for more information.

If you are looking for volunteer work, at WSB you have a chance. ‘Feed The Need’ is a great opportunity where you can sponsor fridge, donate food or make financial contributions as individual, business or supermarket. For more info, go to

KONGA Fitness routine performed by Move Fitness centre was nice and also saw few fitness training centers showcasing at the event.

Get goodies bags!!

You also get a chance to receive free products from different brands like I got this beautiful gift bag from Avalon Pharma.


All in all a great experience but it could be more organized as when Sally Kennedy (WSB founder) was giving speech, could not hear her properly as microphones were not working well.


If you are an entrepreneur and want to get your work recognize from people locally, prepare yourself for the next year WSB and if you are looking for some volunteer work or jobs, it is also a place for you. If you are not interested in both, it is still a good event once a year to meet people and get to know kingdom better than before. Having information is always a powerful tool.

  • The atmosphere at WSB was great. People were very interactive and open. You can easily ask questions about joining WSB as volunteer or any other queries you have.
  • You get to meet new people and have a chance to make friends in such events.
  • Mostly the products are offered here are made locally so you get a chance to see the local touch of the kingdom.
  • You can join WSB for volunteer work or get a sneak peek in the upcoming events, register at their website and be notified. The WSB website is
  • It was an open event where Abayas inside the resort were not mandatory.
  • The tour of the California resort was also offered at the end of the event but I had to go so did not get the chance to see the resort which also had a condo and golf course.

I must say it is a great event and offers good socializing opportunities for women in Riyadh!!