Withq – Bio-Metric verification of SIM card through Absher

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Couple of months ago, a campaign was started in KSA to bio-metrically verify all the SIM cards (Voice & Data) by linking it to the fingerprint of the owner. In the first phase an individual having a prepaid SIM (Voice & Data) had to visit the service provider (such as, STC, Mobily & Zain) customer care office to manually give the fingerprint.

Now the next phase of verification has started. In this phase all the SIM card (Voice & Data, Prepaid & Postpaid) are to be verified bio-metrically. In this phase a new service called “Withq” is also launched. This service is available via MOI webiste (Absher portal). Withq service allows you to request authentication for your SIM card without visiting service providers branches.

Following are the steps to authenticate the SIM card via Withq service:

  1. To use this service log into the MOI Portal. Then from eServices select “SIM Card Authentication”. Then click on “Withq” Sim Card Authentication.Wthiq - Sim Card Authentication (1)
  2. It will take you to the main page of Wthiq service. Read all the instructions carefully, then click on “Authenticate voice and data SIM card”.Wthiq - Sim Card Authentication (2)
  3. SIM card authentication consists of 3 steps. In first step you need to enter the information related to the SIM card. First select the SIM card type (Voice or Data), then enter the SIM card number & then select the service provider. For data SIM you have to enter (MSISDN) , If you do not know it, please contact your service provider. Then check the “I accept the terms and conditions” and then click on “Send Authentication Request”.
    Wthiq - Sim Card Authentication (4)
  4. The next step is Confirmation. In this step you verify all the information provided. If everything is fine then click on “Confirm authentication Request”. If you are authenticating a voice SIM, then a token will be sent to the mobile number provided. In case of data SIM, no SMS will be sent.

    Wthiq - Sim Card Authentication (5)

  5. In case of voice SIM an SMS will be sent to your number containing the verification code. Enter the verification code and then press “Send Authentication Request”.Wthiq - Sim Card Authentication (6)
  6. If the token is ok then your request will be successfully submitted. It takes around a couple of days to get the SIM authenticated via Withq service.Wthiq - Sim Card Authentication (7)
  7. To view all the submitted requests, first go to Wthiq homepage and then click on “View Authentication Request Status”

    Wthiq - Sim Card Authentication (3)

All SIMs either Prepaid or Postpaid, Voice or Data needs to be bio-metrically verified. Currently no deadline is specified to complete the bio-metric verification, but it is confirm that after the deadline all the unverified SIMs will be blocked. It is better to urgent verify all the SIMs registered against you or your family to avoid blockage.

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