What to do on Saudi founding day for a 4 day long weekend?

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Each year Saudi Arabia is getting more generous with holidays and that’s why, recently Saudi Arabia has announced 4 day long weekend starting from 22nd February to 25th February. Saudi Arabia is destined to celebrate the event with full fervor.

So, the question for us expats is that what we can do to keep ourselves occupied during this long weekend and how to make the most of it? I have a few recommendations for you below so, keep reading!

  1. Plan a trip to eastern province (Jubail, Khobar, Dammam):

You have a long weekend ahead and what can be more fun than to spend your time on the beach with fresh breeze striking your face and getting your feet deep in sand, make sand castle and swim on the shore. Jubail, Dammam and Khobar are the best places to visit during this time as the scorching heat during summer on the beach becomes unbearable so this is the best time and you have the luxury of a long weekend.

Read our guide here for a trip to Jubail. You can find details about the hotel we stayed in a couple of years ago.

What to do in Khobar? This guide will give you an idea about how you can make the most of your trip in Khobar. Here is the hotel detail we stayed in last year.

Harbour – Fanateer Beach, Jubail

  1. Go for Umrah:

Another blessed thing to do during Founding day weekend is to go for Umrah or plan a visit to Medina. This is definitely going to be the busiest time in Makkah during this season but it is a good opportunity to touch with your spiritual side.

  1. Spend your time at home with family:

If you are running a little low on budget or have been working extensive hours in your office or workplace, this is the time to rejuvenate your energy levels. Have hefty amount of sleep during this weekend, spend time with your family, play with kids and get yourself rebooted for work. BBQ’s on the roof is a great option. We love doing BBQ’s on our roof top whenever we get time and it gives kids a fun activity to enjoy outside.

  1. If you want to stay in the city, visit Parks or zoo:

For a budget friendly option, you can plan a picnic in your local parks. For the Riyadhizens, Salam Park and King Abdullah Park are a great option. Pack or order a meal and have a little picnic with your family and friends, a great opportunity to connect with your loved ones.

You can also plan a visit to Riyadh Zoo. Book your tickets here and entertain your eyes with amazing wild life.

Riyadh Zoo – Giraffe

  1. Explore the city:

If you are living in Riyadh, then you can go explore different parts of the city. Winter Wonderland is a great option. We are also expecting to see fireworks on Founding day so you can plan according. We will update you soon when and where the fireworks will be happening in Riyadh. Stroll around the city, have food from local stalls, enjoy time and relax!!

  1. Go on a shopping spree:

Saudi Arabia is known for having best sales so if you are like us who love to take gifts for family back home, we like to shop on sales. For founding day, many brands have already started announcing their sales, which you can make most use of. Centrepoint is currently having 20-70% sale online. Their last pieces on sale are an absolute steal for the price. Most of them are 70% off!!!

Mothercare is also having up to 70% off for founding day sale. We will keep you posted about more sales in coming days!! HnM always have a sale section on their website.

We hope you have a great weekend ahead and enjoy it the way you like it!