Latest rate of Riyal to PKR on Enjaz and STC Pay

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Expats working here in the kingdom while sending money to their home country wants to get the best exchange rate available. Normally there is not much fluctuation in the exchange rate but due to current economic outlook, prices can vary a great deal. It is best to have multiple options available to send remittances to home country.

For example, Pakistan’s economy is currently facing turmoil due to political situation going on in the country which is why, Saudi Riyal is gaining value sharply in comparison to Pakistani rupee. As there are different services available for sending remittances, we have found Enjaz & STC Pay as one of the very best.


Today’s rate on Enjaz for Riyal to PKR is 1 SAR=68.4 PKR and fee for transfer is 14 SAR. If you want to know about the procedure to use Enjaz banking services for sending money outside Saudi Arabia, Click here.


Today’s rate on STC Pay for Riyal to PKR is 1 SAR=69.04 PKR and fee of transfer is 15 SAR.