How to Register National Address in Kingdom

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Few days ago I went to get a new car insurance from AXA and found out that beside other documents, certificate of National Address is also required. After searching about it on google I came to know that National Address is a project started by Saudi Post to transform the old way of descriptive address to the digital ones.


Following is the procedure to register for National Address:

  1. Go to link:
  2. Select language of page to English from the upper left corner, the page will load again in English.national_address_01
  3. Click on “Register Your Address Today” and a new window will open.national_address_02
  4. Click on “Registration of Individuals”national_address_03
  5. Then click on “New Registration”national_address_04
  6. Fill the complete form. All fields are required. The new Iqama have expiry of 5 years, but in actual that is expiry of the physical card. The Iqama expiry needs to be same as in the MOI website. Then press Next.


  7. In next step you can optionally add other members for the same address. If you want to add other members, check the box “Yes, I would like to add ….”, if not then only press next.

    national_address_06 national_address_07

  8. In this step choose the means to specify the address that you want to register. There are 4 modes available:

    national_address_08a. Enter Address Detail: Manually enter the complete detail of the address like Area / Region (AR Riyadh), City (Riyadh), Neighborhood (Al Wadi) and Building Number (4 Digit). Then click on “Verify Address” to confirm the address and press Next.

     national_address_09b. On The Map: Use maps to pin point the address location. You can also short list by specifying the Area, City, Neighborhood & Building Number. Then click on “Verify Address” to confirm the address and press Next.

    national_address_10 national_address_11c. Current Location: If you are in the vicinity of the address that you want to register then select this option. After the address is final click Next to continue.

  9. In this step, confirm if all the information is accurate. If everything is fine, then check “I agree to the terms and conditions …”. An Activation code will be sent to your mobile phone that you have provided earlier. Enter the Activation code and then press “Finish and Send”. This is the final step and after this your address will be registered in National Address system.
  10. This is the registration confirmation. It is advisable to save it as a PDF document for future use.

After registration, if you want to modify the address or add new member, you can find all that information in this article.