Furijat – Debt Payment Service For Prisoners Having Financial Cases

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Furijat service in Absher enables donors & philanthropists to help people convicted of non-criminal financial cases by paying of their debts.

Furijat service allows user to search for prisoners that have non-criminal financial cases.  Service also allows to view & validate the Sadad bill number that payments can be made to for that prisoner.

Payment for each case can either me made in full or any partial amount by transferring funds to Sadad acoount specified. Each result shown is a single case, so if there are more than one case on a person, all cases for the person will be show. You can narrow the query to display results of prisoners with particular number of cases.

Absher platorm does not handle money transfer. The money need to be paid via Sadad channels. Billing code for Furijat service in Sadad is 169.

Following are the steps to search for the details of the prisoners that have non-criminal financial cases:

  • Go to Absher & login.
  • Go to “Electronic Services”, then “My Services” & then click on “General Directorate of Prisons”.
  • Click on “Help Prisoners”.

  • Enter Search Details & click Search.

  • All cases matching the search details will be displayed. It displays percentage of amount collected, pending amount,  Sadad bill number & prisoner id for each case.

  • You can also validate bill number for each case.  Go to “Electronic Services”, then “My Services”, then click on “General Directorate of Prisons” & then select “Validate Bill Number”.
  • Enter the Sadad Bill number & click Search.

  • The detail of specified bill number will be displayed. The details contain paid amount, remaining amount, prisoner id & Sadad bill number.