Best place to buy abayas in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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When I first came to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I was a bit skeptical about wearing abaya but today, I absolutely love it. The ease, the comfort and sense of protection it provides, is very exciting. Although culture of mandatory abaya is changing gradually in expats but it is still very much there for majority of the expat women.

So, if you love wearing abayas and want to have a good collection in your wardrobe, there are quite a few places where you can buy abayas in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I personally don’t prefer to go to souqs as I find that their quality is not very high and I usually don’t like the materials. And I personally feel that if you can get a good quality abaya in a mall at a very reasonable price then why go to souqs. That’s just my personal preference.

Royal Mall is one of the best places for abaya shopping in Riyadh. This mall is completely dedicated to abaya shops which is very exciting for me. But this can also be very intimidating. I usually go around there around this time of the year which is January because they have a huge collection on great discounts.

During previous years, it was difficult to find abayas at reasonable rates as whatever I like was around 300-600 SAR which is pretty expensive for my budget. But for a couple of years, almost all shops offer quality material abayas at cheap prices ranging from 150 for 2 abayas or 230 for 2 abayas, depending on the material and style.

The most amazing thing about shopping in Royal Mall for abayas is that 100% of the staff in abaya shops is all ladies. These amazing girls are so nice to interact with and understand your needs and what size would fit you well. Some of the saleswomen do not understand English which is a backdrop but they will try their best to fulfill your requirements if you can manage a couple of basic Arabic words or you can use Google translate.

Why Royal Mall is the best?

  1. Reasonable prices, high quality:

 I completely prefer this mall because you will find so many options there. High quality abayas at reasonable rates which works for me every time.

  1. Hundreds of styles to choose from:

Hundreds of shops offering very unique styles and this has become my one stop shopping place over the years. Each shop has hundreds of designs for winter and summer separately.

  1. Size adjustment:

They also are ready to do any adjustments in your abaya as you need. I always prefer a button down abaya so I always ask them and they take 10 minutes literary to add buttons. This does add cost to your abaya as they ask for 10 SAR for the service which is very cheap in my opinion.

Moreover, if you like one specific abaya and it is not available in your size, you can ask them for adjustment and they will charge 10 SAR to adjust the length according to your size.