Amazing Sale at Boots

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Few days back, I heard about the biggest sale of the year on Boots. They are offering some exciting discounts of 25% to 75% off which are absolutely mind blowing. Boots is usually famous for their No 7 products but they also have many other cosmetics brands like Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, Ted Baker etc. under the same umbrella. Boots has their own products too like moisturizers, scrubs and other body products which are mostly made in England.

Yesterday, I went in for some shopping and I thought it might be a good idea to share with you how attractive their sale is and you ladies might get something for you at such reasonable prices.

No 7 Beautiful Skin Refreshing Toner:

I bought this toner for my sister last year and she absolutely loved this and asked me to buy this for her again.

Was 50 SAR

Now 25 SAR

The toner is quite nice for cleaning specially after makeup. To be honest, last year, I bought few of No 7 products without sale and I thought they were very expensive as I was not aware that they put on such amazing sales during the year. But during sales, they are pretty reasonable.

No 7 day cream, Protect and Perfect Whitening:

I previously used No 7 Moisturizing day cream and it was very nice during winters to be applied before make up and that perfectly complemented my skin. Now I got this whitening protect and perfect whitening skin day cream for one of the family members. It has SPF 30 and hypoallergenic which is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, almost good for all skin types.

It was around 150 SAR but I got it for 40 SAR now. The prices are cheaper because No 7 is bringing their enhanced versions of these products.

No 7 Air Brush Away Primer:

This Radiance Boosting Primer makes your skin flawless in seconds (as the packaging claims). I have not used the product yet but read some good reviews online so bought it. I am not sure how much it was previously but I got it for 55 SAR.

No 7 Lipstick/ Lip gloss:

The salesman at Boots in Granada Mall was very interactive and he was suggesting so many things which were usually the last pieces and they were on amazingly low prices. This No 7 lipstick was previously around 60/70 SAR but as there was only one color available so I got it for 10 SAR (Really? Yes Absolutely :). The texture of lipstick is very smooth and creamy and the luscious reddish pink color is very tempting.

I also got this small lip gloss which was also one of the last pieces for only 5 SAR.

No 7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define liner:

This is a thick liner pencil which you can use both for shading and defining your eyes. I really loved this as it is glittery but not to make your eyes pop up. I usually use it for an easy going look.

Was 55 SAR

Now 25 SAR

‘Wonderful’ Mascara by Rimmel:

As many of you know Rimmel London was the first company to introduced Mascara with Argan Oil which is considered so good for hair and eyelashes. This is waterproof mascara which gives lashes a very defined look. The packing is so cool and brush is quite thick to enhance eyelashes.

Was 51 SAR

Now 38 SAR

H & M Custom Concealer Trio:

As H & M was also on sale so I decided to pay it a visit and found this Custom Concealer Trio with three different shades to give coverage for dark circles. It was about 69 SAR and now I got it for just 15 SAR. It has a little creamy texture. I have not tried it yet, so let’s see how it turns out.

Things that I don’t like from Boots are below:

Boots Cucumber Oil Control Light Moisturizer:

I bought this moisturizer few days back in sale and it was an absolute mistake. It was very cheap like 8 SAR after discount but its texture is completely weird. It gets grainy after you apply and does not moisturize the skin. A big No for this.

Boots Facial Scrub:

This facial scrub is just fine. It was also very cheap and did not impress me to buy it again. If you want to try it once, its fine, cleanse your skin a bit but does not impress much.

Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Face Wash:

This was for 15 SAR. This is a good product for daily use. It keeps skin shine free for some time and gives the feeling of neat skin but not the type of product I would like to invest again.

This is just a little review about exciting prices of make up at Boots. If you are in mood for shopping, you can go grab some beauty products for you at very reasonable rates. If you find anything good for yourself ladies, just let me know in comments below.