Riyadh Zoo: Great place to visit with children

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In the kingdom usually people think that there are very few places outdoor where people can enjoy but it’s actually not true. If you hunt in right direction, you will find some exciting places to go to and Riyadh Zoo is one of them. Few days back, we planned a trip to Riyadh Zoo and it turned out quite nice except for the sunlight that may bother you if you are visiting during the summer.

You can buy some drinks and ice cones from the vendors located inside the zoo building or some snacks to munch on. We saw many people bringing the picnic baskets to the zoo and enjoying sitting in different corners when they get tired meeting the animals. You can easily turn your zoo trip in to a picnic. The Riyadh Zoo is quite big, so I would advise to pack some sheets or folding chairs with you so that you can lie or sit on the ground under some shadow of the trees when you get tired.

Riyadh Zoo (41)

If you are going to zoo on weekend, you may have to do some struggle to find place for car parking. The zoo is closed on Saturday and it does not remain open after Magrab prayer, so most of the people prefer to visit it on Friday and in noon which gives them plenty of time to spend with zoo residents :).

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Outside the Zoo building, you will find many small vendors specially women who are selling carpets, chairs, sheets, praying mats, umbrellas, hats, skating boards, cars and plenty of other toys for kids. If you are accompanying kids, then buy them some toys from these vendors and they will not bother you for rest of the visit. Play time with animals and toys is going to be real fun for them.

Riyadh Zoo ticket price:

To enter the zoo, you need to buy a ticket as the security staff at the gate checks your tickets and then lets you enter. The tickets for elders are 10 SAR and for kids is 5 SAR exclusive of tax.

Riyadh Zoo Timing:

Riyadh Zoo is open seven days a week. It opens on Sunday from 9AM to 4 PM and for rest of the week it remains open from 10AM to 4PM.

Riyadh Zoo - Ticket Counter

Riyadh Zoo – Ticket Counter

As you enter the zoo, you are welcomed with beautiful flowers in front of you. Many colorful flowers at the first corner boost up the feel of the environment.

Once you enter the zoo, you can start from one corner right or left and move around the whole zoo. I would advise you to visit zoo when the weather is cool so that you are not bothered by the scorching heat of the sun.

The Riyadh Zoo is very famous as it is probably one of the best zoos in the kingdom  that’s because it displays a nice variety of animals and birds. Greater Flamingos are the real beauty of zoo. The white, long necked Flamingos gave a beautiful start to our tour.

The two hump camels were the main attraction for me. They seemed quite friendly and interactive with the visitors. As they looked thirsty, people were enjoying by feeding water to them from bottles.

Riyadh Zoo - Camel

Riyadh Zoo – Camel

Zebras were wandering around in their specified areas and do you know a fact about them that Zebras are actually black who have white linings. Amazed? I was too when I first read it as people at first believed that Zebras were white with black lining.

Riyadh Zoo - Zebra

Riyadh Zoo – Zebra

Riyadh Zoo has huge variety of birds like crows, parrots, Griffon Vultures, Eagles, pigeons (crowned pigeon was the real beauty among them), Swamp hen and sparrows. Multi colored parrots grabbed my attention immediately but unfortunately we could not get nice pictures of beautiful birds as the cages they were kept in had very little windows to make a click from the cameras. You have got to go to see the beautiful birds in the zoo.

The Bengal Tigers were one of the active animals in the zoo. We really enjoyed their roaring as many other animals were a little inactive because of the hot weather. We did not get a glimpse of Raccoons and Agouti including other small animals who were hidden in their holes to avoid heat sun.

There are hundreds of animals in the zoo and you will find very different species of them. You can take a trip of the whole zoo on a train. I think you will have to pay some money but I don’t know exactly as we did not had a ride on the train.

Despite hot weather, it was a great trip. We get to see a variety of different animals imported from other countries. The environment was clean and we enjoyed our time there. It can turn out a pretty nice trip  for you with the kids.

Riyadh Zoo location:

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