King Abdullah Park

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Riyadh is a place where you need to put your great efforts to explore the places where you can spend quality time with your family and friends except the boundaries of luxurious malls. People usually get very few places in Riyadh where they can find themselves closer to nature and inhale quality oxygen. Lately after search on internet, we explored the Park named King Abdullah Park in Malaz Area and it turned out to be one of the best finds for open area in the kingdom.

Abdullah Park (7)

Few days back, we decided to give ourselves some fresh air so we went to King Abdullah Park at around 6 Pm. The weather was not very pleasant though in the evening as you know it is always hot in the Kingdom but we knew that it will get better as the sun sets in and we were right. The entry ticket for each adult was SAR 10 and for every child is SAR 5. The entry is completely free for handicapped people. The outside look of the park looks lavish. The lights were on and the environment sounds great. There are few vendors outside park selling folding chairs, toys, carpets, sheets and many other things so if you need anything, you can simply buy from there. These vendors are almost traditional in the kingdom because at every open place we visit we do find these women vendors selling necessary items.

King Abdullah Park is a great place for picnic. As the sun goes down, the pleasant breeze started to blow and environment felt cozier than before. This park is luxuriously lush. So far it is the greenest place we have been to. The huge date trees were adding great attraction to the environment. At night the park looked so bright and enlightened. When we first entered in the park at evening, there were not much people but after Magrab prayer, it started to fill in.

King Abdullah Park is basically famous for its fountain show. In evening, the fountain was not running but right after Magrab prayer, it was started with a beautiful Naat playing in the background. The surrounding suddenly started to appear more colorful and bright. The show lasted for almost 15 minutes but it was a soul healing experience.

King Abdullah Park remains open late night and what adds to its popularity is that you will feel like a day in the park as there is abundance of light in every corner.

If you are in the mood of shopping, there are various stalls installed for you to buy jewelry, make up, clothes, crockery etc. but you better watch for quality.

The park offers quality amusement for the kids. There was a huge area specified for kids for slides, jumping pads, swings etc.

Inside the walls of park, there is a small stadium and an event centre which is specified to organize events. Different events and festivals are celebrated there on Eid and other occasion.

King Abdullah Park is a great place to have picnic so it is better to pack some snacks or dinner and enjoy in the park with beautiful atmosphere around. But if you did not bring anything with you, never mind, you can buy from various vendors inside the park. You can have tea, fresh fried chips, cones, drinks, juices etc.

So, do visit this beautiful park in the city to enjoy some fresh oxygen.