Review: Mukaram Umul Qura Hotel Makkah

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This time for our stay in Makkah we chose Makaram umul Qura hotel in Makkah as we went there for Umrah. It was recommended by a friend. It is located on Ajyad street. We booked this hotel from It has 7.5 rating on and after watching pictures online, it looked pretty nice. When you enter the hotel, it has this spacious feel to it. It looks very neat and tidy.

The hotel was 280 SAR for two nights for a twin room. I think it was 350 SAR but reduced down to 280 SAR after getting some Genius discount at as we usually make our bookings there.


The rooms are pretty nice in size and furniture looks almost new. The beds were well made and very clean. The cotton sheets were white and stain free. The blankets were thick and cozy. Air conditioner was working fine. The overall décor of the room showed a good taste.

All the lights in the room were yellow which I am not a fan of and lighting seemed a little less than I want because it gave the room a nightly effect even in the day.

There was also kettle and cups and tea/coffee packs if you want to have some. The cupboard was very spacious. The hotel also provided iron with a stand placed in the cupboard.

Bathroom kind of kills the mood of the room!!!

The bathroom was not the best feature of the hotel. It did not have any smell and it was completely clean but the floors look worn off. The room looks new but in comparison washroom looked old and discolored.

The Bus Service is amazing:

The bus service is amazing and one of the best features of this hotel. It is free of cost. This could probably be the main reason why people would want to choose it again. The reception told us that bus service to Haram will be available 24 hours and it actually did. Every time when we came down from our rooms to go to Haram, the bus was always there.

The same thing happened with the pickup point when we returned from Haram. We never had to hurry to catch bus for returning back to hotel. Whenever we go to the pickup point, it was there. The pickup and drop off point is on almost 5-6 minutes’ walk from Haram near Saptco Station.


The hotel lobby is spacious. The décor is beautiful and calming. There are two snack shops and one craft shop inside hotel lobby if you want to buy something. I had a glass of fresh orange juice from a shop in hotel for 3 SAR. After a busy day, coming back to hotel, while sitting in peaceful lobby with a cold glass of juice was very refreshing.

Beautiful lobby decor’

All in all, it was a good hotel but definitely bathrooms should be improved.