Lavona Inn Hotel, Jubail Review

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If you are planning a trip to Jubail and looking for one of the best hotels in Jubail, I would highly recommend Lavona Inn, if you are on a budget. A couple of weeks before, we enjoyed our stay there and it was a great experience. We made our bookings through after seeing good reviews online. The rating of this hotel is 9.2, sound pretty nice!!! The cost was  212 SAR per day inclusive of all taxes and breakfast.

The entrance and lounge is welcoming and spacious. The reception was available 24/7 and helpful staff made trip nicer.

Our room was very neat and clean. Bedding was white and room gave a luxurious vibe. We felt pretty comfortable there. Furniture looked new and cozy and AC was working great.

The washroom was also spacious and clean. Toiletries and other essentials were provided.

They also provided us with complimentary water, coffee and tea, even if complimentary things are small; they put a smile on your face. Don’t they? :P.

Buffet breakfast is what that is making me book again for our next trip. After spending late hours on beach, you don’t want to get up and search places to have breakfast, at least we don’t. So, we had already taken the deal with breakfast buffet and it turned out great. They served juices, different cheeses, fruits, breads, muffins, cakes, cereals, coffee, tea, Arabic gravies, eggs and some other stuff. Their serving area is big enough to cater 8-10 families and it was very neat. Greatly enjoyed breakfast!!!

The only negative is they don’t have underground parking. The only where you can park is in front of the hotel which is a place for 8-10 cars. The staff is very cooperative so when we were not able to park at front first, as soon as the place got available, we were informed and we parked in front of the hotel.

It just took us 25 minutes to go to Fanateer Beach from the hotel. Seems far but we don’t mind driving this much to reach beach as we had a good deal with hotel but if you do, you can always book hotels near beach.

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