Jeddah Shadows Hotel Suite Review

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Last week, we had to visit Jeddah during weekdays. It was a business trip for two nights. For that reason, we wanted to book a hotel beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. As usual we browsed through and we come across Jeddah Shadows Hotel Suite. We wanted a hotel near airport and office so that my husband does not have to travel a lot on taxi and we could save some time to travel around the city and explore Jeddah as we have not visited it before. So, we found Jeddah Shadows Hotel Suite at a perfect location, 15 minutes drive from airport to hotel and ten minutes drive from hotel to office. Plus, on the website the rating of the hotel is 8.4/10 which was very nice and pictures shown below will illustrate itself the look of the hotel.

Jeddah Shadow Hotel Suite - Lobby - courtesy

Jeddah Shadow Hotel Suite – Lobby – courtesy

At the time of booking, the hotel rooms were on offer. Usually, one bedroom costs 300 SAR for a night, but as the deal was on we got a bedroom for 235 SAR for one night which makes 470 for 2 nights. So, we made the booking and we didn’t have to pay unless we check in the hotel.

We reached hotel at night, the building was illuminating with lights. The lounge was full of fragrance. They had a comparatively larger area for breakfast with dining tables and we thought they would surely serve breakfast here but to our surprise, they told us that they only serve coffee and tea here which was quite disappointing. There was no breakfast included in the deal and even at hotel, they do not serve breakfast and that’s their negative point. However, we decided that we would go to Hyper Panda, which is right behind the hotel at walking distance and buy few snacks for breakfast and as we thought that there is no need to worry about tea and coffee as it will be served by the hotel so we did not bought any milk. In the morning, I asked my husband to order tea for breakfast as my day does not start without tea. He ordered milk tea but again to our surprise, there was no milk in it. We asked the service man, he said, no milk is available. Without milk, I cannot take tea so I just had few sips and had to drain rest of it. Then we decided that when we would go for dinner tonight, we will buy some condensed milk for next morning breakfast. The positive is that they provide tea/coffee for room service.

As far as the room is concerned, it was beautiful and clean. The furniture looked almost new. They gave a pair of shoe for washroom. The bedding was white and stainless. The air conditioner was on at full speed. The drapes were delicate and neat. There was a fridge which was empty and switched off and we could not put anything in it, neither had we tried to switch it on. The cupboard has hangers so we hang our dresses in there. They also had Quran there so if you want to read, you can.

The washroom was neat but comparatively smaller than I expected. But it was clean and there was no smell. All the toiletries were provided.

The staff was accommodating and understanding. Staff was fluent in Arabic & English language.

Their check out time was 2:00 pm but as my husband could not come earlier from office so we requested the management and they open heartedly offer to check out at 4:00 pm.

All in all, it was a nice hotel room. If you want a hotel near airport, you can stay here peacefully. The only issue was with breakfast, all in all good. I will give it 3.5/5.

The Mall of Arabia is just 10 minutes drive from the hotel. It was a beautiful and spacious mall with beautiful display of goods. If you visit Jeddah, you must visit this mall and it is not far from airport.