How To Register for Hajj 2022 in Saudi Arabia

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Registration for Hajj 2022 has started in Saudi Arabia. There are 3 different categories of packages available. Following is the procedure to apply for Hajj 2022 in Saudi Arabia:

  • Once account is created you can select details related to Companions, Packages & Adahi.
  • One important thing to note is that in Terms & Conditions it is mentioned that you declare “I never performed hajj before.

  • You can add multiple companions travelling with you for Hajj

  • Then you can select up to 10 packages from the list of operators available. The listings can be filtered by city, operator, package type and others.

  •  After package selection you can also mention “Price Range Package”. In case you are not selected for any of the packages you selected then you will be nominated according the price range selected here.

  • Adahi can also be selected at price 809 SAR per person.

  • Once all information is entered, you can submit the request.

Note: Submission of application does not mean that you application will be automatically approved. Once the registration phase is completed and electronic lottery will be done and applications will be selected.