How to Claim Warranty on Home Centre Products?

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Couple of years ago when we were looking to furnish our apartment, we got a great deal from Home Centre. All the furniture we bought was of sturdy built. Of all the things bought we only faced issue with Orthopedic Spring Mattress. We went to the Home Centre store from which we bought the furniture, they told us that for all the warranty claim we need to contact the helpline.

Following are the steps to claim warranty for Home Centre products:

  • Call Home Centre helpline 800-123HOME (1234663). An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) message will be played.
  • First choose the language: 1 for Arabic & 2 for English (as far as i have seen, the customer care people are very fluent is English)
  • Then select option 4 “For any product or service related issues”. The call will be routed to customer care personal.
Please note that Home Centre Customer Care timing are from 9 AM to 9 PM, Saturday to Thursday.
  • To access your records they will ask for your mobile number. Provide them the mobile number that was mentioned on the invoice. If you have made multiple purchases over time, specify the approximate date of the purchase. It will not take more than a couple of minutes for the customer care person to pin point the product.
  • Once the product has been pin pointed, explain to the customer care representative the fault you are facing with the product. In our case we had an Orthopedic Spring Mattress and in just under 2 years the springs were hurting the back.
  • Once the complaint has been launched, you will receive an SMS from Home Centre. Wait for couple of days, if some one does not contact you, call help again.
  • After a few days you will get call from warehouse department, asking information about the faulty product. They will also ask you to share the pictures via whatsapp. From us they asked this information a couple of time before proceeding further.
  • Then the warehouse department will schedule a visit to inspect the faulty product. Usually they come late at night, around 10 PM. The person that came for inspection was a Sudani guy, who didn’t knew English, so it was a headache to explain my location to him as i don’t know Arabic. After few calls and help from some other guy, we were successful in explaining him the location. He came and spent 5 minutes inspecting the product & taking pictures. After the inspection he said it will take 4 to 5 days to replace the mattress.
  • I waited for one week but there was no response. I called the helpline again and after couple of days the new mattress was delivered.

The key to get fast service is to not wait long and call helpline for updates. Overall the process was smooth and all the people involved were very helpful. The only drawback was that I had to follow up a couple of times as there was no response.