Sizzling dinner at Sizzler House

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Few days back, we decided to try the food of Sizzler House in Riyadh as we read some good reviews about the restaurant. So, on last weekend after shopping, we went to Sizzler House on Tahlia Street but were disappointed as they told us that they are not taking orders but only buffet is available. So we had to move out and look for some other place to eat. When we came home, we visited their website, it states that:

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Out of the four branches of Sizzler House in Riyadh, only Tahlia Street branch offer buffet and no ordering. In rest of the 3 branches, you can order normally.

Sizzler House - Outside View

Sizzler House – Outside View

So yesterday we went to Al-Hamra area to try the food of Sizzler House. When you enter the restaurant, you can either take stairs or lift for the first floor as they do not have their sitting place for families at ground floor. When we enter, it was after Isha prayer and the atmosphere felt so serene and peaceful. The yellow lighting made the atmosphere very soothing.

We were four people. To begin with our food, we ordered this sizzling appetizer called International Sampler. It had American Chicken rolls, Napoli’s quesadilla and Szechuan fried chicken. The Szechuan fried chicken was the best thing on the platter. It was saucy, shiny chicken bites with sesame seeds on top. The Napoli Quesadilla was so juicy and saucy and the chicken was tender. American chicken rolls were just fine. The bread was nice but we did not like the filling much. The platter was served with salsa and BBQ sauce that complemented the whole dish perfectly. It was pretty large platter, enough to boost up the appetite. The international Sampler was priced for 49 SAR.

Then we ordered three more dishes for main menu. The Texas Chicken Pasta was priced for 49 SAR and it was one of the best pastas we have tasted. The fettuccine pasta was served with crispy herb coated bread that tasted absolutely delicious with pasta. The pasta was cooked to perfection, cooked in Cajun cream sauce with mix cheeses. The chicken in pasta was very tender and Italian seasoned mushrooms sautéed to perfection. The Cajun cream sauce’s deliciousness brought everything together perfectly.

The second dish for main menu was Crusted Parmesan Chicken Sandwich. It was a big sized burger to satisfy the appetite of a grown man. The crispy chicken breast petty breaded with Parmesan cheese did not look very attractive though but it tasted fine. The sandwich was packed with Swiss cheese, tomatoes, onions, cucumber and lettuce leaves. I could not actually tell the difference if it was a sandwich or burger. All in all a good burger styled sandwich (I like to call it that) but you can have better at other burger points. The fries were fine and generous in quantity. It was priced at 46 SAR.

The third dish we ordered was Chicken Al Funghi from their Exotic Chicken Menu. It was priced at 55 SAR. There were two big fried chicken fillet served with sautéed mushrooms and the chicken fillets tops were covered with cheese.  Corn sauce was served on side alongwith rice and fries as side dish. You can also choose mashed potatoes and vegetables as sides. The chicken fillets were cooked fine but I felt the need for more sauciness. Overall it was a good dish.

The quantity of all four dishes was enormous and even after fulfilling our appetite to the fullest, there was still some left over. So, for four family members if you like sharing like us, you should order three platters of your liking.

You can visit the website of for detailed menu.