Shawarma Classic

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There are quite a few places in Riyadh which sells some of the best shawarmas in the city. If you want one of the best shawarma in the city while strolling around, Shawarma Classic in Nuzha, opposite Hammadi Hospital is a place to go for satisfying late night cravings. They have many other branches in the city.

As we entered the restaurant, the place seemed very tidy and inviting and while we were waiting for our order, they gave us complimentary fries for the kids which is very kind of them.

We ordered a 24-piece Party classic shawarma box which was priced at 48 SAR. This box was big enough to feed 3 people. It came with 3 sauces and one pickle box on the side. The sauces included spicy sauce, cheese sauce and garlic sauce. 10 on 10 for all the sauces as they complimented shawarma perfectly. The shawarma khubz was toasted perfectly. The shawarma was very flavorful and chicken was juicy and tender. There was good amount of spice which was very nice on the palette with a variety of sauces. We also ordered some extra fries which was only 6 SAR and fries were crispy from the outside and soft from inside. We really enjoyed the whole combo.

The box also had good amount of fries within the box which made us extra full. For me their shawarma box is a solid 9 out of 10.


This is a shawarma place but we also wanted to try their burgers. So, we ordered this classic burger with double petty and cheese. The burger was merely fine. I would give it 6/10 as it was pretty average burger. It was not very filling and lacked spices, so better to stick with their shawarma.