Rashid Sweets and Bakers

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If you are craving for Pakistani styled sweet and savory bakery items in Riyadh, then Rashid Sweets and Bakers is a place to stuff your tummy with delicious bakery items. Rashid Sweets in Hai-Al-Wazarat (aka. Hara) area, a Pakistani styled bakery shop sells a variety of sweets and savory items.

Rashid Sweets & Bakers

Rashid Sweets & Bakers

They have these amazing Halwas which include Akhroti Halwa, Injeer(fig) Halwa and Habshee Halwa and all for SR 26/kg. That sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Rashid Sweets & Bakers - Halwa

Rashid Sweets & Bakers – Halwa

Barfis / ladoos and gulab jamuns:

They also make variety of Barfis like Pista Barfi, Badaam Pak and Tukri Patisa. Gulaab Jamun, Rus Gulay and moti choor ke ladoos are their specialty.

Rashid Sweets & Bakers - Methai

Rashid Sweets & Bakers – Methai


As far as pastry is concerned, the range is very limited though. You can only have chocolate fudge pastries or brownies for only SR2. Cream cakes and plain pound cakes are also available at very reasonable rates.

Rashid Sweets & Bakers - Cakes

Rashid Sweets & Bakers – Cakes

You can also find huge variety of delicious biscuits. Chocolate biscuits, walnut bites, coffee Khatai, Almond Khatai, Pistachio Bites, Black seed biscuits, Peanut Goli Biscuits, Pista, Jam Jelly and almond Khatai Biscuits. They also have a range of Nimkos at just SR 20/kg.

Rashid Sweets & Bakers - Biscuits

Rashid Sweets & Bakers – Biscuits

Rashid Sweets & Bakers - Biscuits

Rashid Sweets & Bakers – Biscuits

There is also huge variety of Bakar Khani (Puff Pastry) which is one of my favorites. French hearts, icing jam and almond sticks, lemon sticks, phool ties (flower like puff pastry) are to name a few. Rusks and cake rusks are also available.

Rashid Sweets & Bakers - Bakerkhani

Rashid Sweets & Bakers – Bakerkhani

Savory items:

They also offer a limited variety of savory items which include Drum sticks, Shashlik Sticks, half burgers, chicken rolls, chicken sandwiches, Seekh Kabab, Capsicum Kebab, Chicken bread and Chicken baked Kachoris.

Rashid Sweets & Bakers - Fried Items

Rashid Sweets & Bakers – Fried Items

I have visited Rashid sweets twice and you won’t believe every time I enter, the amazing aroma of Dahi Bhallas makes me wonder if I am in Pakistan. Unfortunately, I could not get the chance to taste them yet but their aroma makes my mouth watering.

The “Khoye Wali Kulfi” is best seller of Rashid Sweets. The kulfi is very rich in taste. It is creamy, full of nuts, icy and delicious. Each kulfi is for SR 4 and I have seen people taking the kulfis out and enjoy in the small open place outside the shop.

It is also the best place to buy snacks and entertain guests if you are having them on tea time.

Rashid Sweets & Bakers - Nimko

Rashid Sweets & Bakers – Nimko


  1. It gives me exact Pakistani flavors that I have been missing being abroad.
  2. The shop is very clean and they keep good hygienic standards.
  3. The prices are very reasonable.


  1. Parking is very hard to find. Will have to circle around a couple of time to find a spot.