Pakistani Breakfast at Lazeez Restaurant

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Living in a foreign land becomes more difficult if you cannot enjoy the food there. Living in Saudi Kingdom is not hard for us at least because we get enough flavorful Pakistani food here that complements our taste buds as well as our appetite. Few days back, we discovered a nice place for Pakistani breakfast and that is “Lazeez restaurant“. Lazeez Restaurant is located in Hai Al Wazarat (aka Hara) Riyadh.

Lazeez Restaurant

Lazeez Restaurant

We went there at around 10 am. Fortunately it was not a rush hour so we got the parking easily right outside the restaurant but at peak hours you will probably have to struggle for parking. We were four people. We have had breakfast from Lazeez Restaurant twice before but we always take away. Last time, we asked them to sit in for breakfast, they said the family section is not open before 8 am so we had to bring the Halwa Poori Chane at home ( the fried bread with chick peas gravy and sweet dessert of semolina for understanding of non Pakistanis, though English titles do not justify the dish :P). We usually have their Poori Chane which are undoubtedly delicious. The pooris are soft and a little bit heavier than in Pakistan. But this time, we ordered their Nehari and Paaye with plain Naans and Lassi, a typical desi breakfast.

Lazeez Restaurant - Nehari & Payee

Lazeez Restaurant – Nehari & Payee

The Nehari (beef curry) bowl was for 15 SAR which was enough to feed two people. The Nehari was tasty and the beef was just cooked perfectly. It was not very spicy though and I felt the need to add some lemon, ginger, green chilies which they did not serve at side.

Lazeez Restaurant - Nehari

Lazeez Restaurant – Nehari

We had also ordered Paaye (goat’s legs curry). The bowl was for only 10 SAR (pretty reasonable). It was also sufficient for two people. The gravy was very delicious and I liked it more than Nehari. The curry was a little runny and some of us felt if the Paayas are cooked just a little longer, it would have brought out the stickiness to make curry more flavorful but they were still delicious and spicy to my liking. Remember one thing, the serving at the restaurant is much generous than take away.

Lazeez Restaurant - PAyee

Lazeez Restaurant – PAyee

The Plain Naans were very soft and chewy. One Naan was for 1 SAR.

Lazeez Restaurant - Naan

Lazeez Restaurant – Naan

The glass of Sweet Lassi was for 7 SAR. Do not try to compare it with Laban you generally buy from grocery stores in Riyadh. It is a typical Pakistani flavored Lassi with rich creamy taste. It was moderately sweet and tasted delicious; you must give it a try.

Lazeez Restaurant - Lassi

Lazeez Restaurant – Lassi

At Lazeez Restaurant, food is good but you must avoid the service loopholes if you want to enjoy the food. The family section is not very big. It is a little smaller as compared to other restaurants but the place was tidy. There was only one man who was serving in both family and single’s section and did not looked much trained. We asked him to pack the leftover food and an extra bowl of Chane (Chick Pea gravy) but he mistakenly added another bowl of Nehari and Chane. We checked and asked him to take out Nehari, instead he took out Chane. As we did not checked again, we could not get to taste Chane at home.

Lazeez Restaurant also offers a wide range of lunch and dinner menu. In the below picture, you can check their prices and menu for both.

Lazeez Restaurant - Menu

Lazeez Restaurant – Menu