Nando’s: It’s time for some Peri-Peri

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As many of you may know that Nando’s has opened its three branches in a couple of years in Riyadh and fourth one is underway. I would like to say that if you have not tried Nando’s yet then you are missing on to something amazing. If you die for the juicy grilled chicken like we do then you need to visit them. Our love affair with Nando’s started almost six years ago when we first had it in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and then when we moved to Riyadh, we were disappointed to know that there is no branch of Nando’s in the city. I am Riyadh is the foodaholic city with so many burger points and restaurants are opening here every other day but why not Nando’s? It is an international food and must come to Riyadh. So, almost two years before our prayers were answered and finally Nando’s had an opening.

We so much love Nando’s that every time we get there, we could only think of food and never bothered to take a single picture and write a review. So, this Eid, we resolved that we would eat and take some pics for our readers to give a review of the restaurant.

As we settled in after half an hour wait outside, as it was almost jam packed on Eid day with families, we placed an order.

We ordered this full hot flame grilled chicken on the bone for 72 SAR. Whole chicken comes with 2 leg pieces and 2 breast pieces and you can also pick and choose, like if you want more breast pieces you can switch with leg pieces. You can also choose your flavor from lemon and herb to mild, hot and extra hot. This chicken is tastier than it looks.


It is marinated for 24 hours in Peri-Peri sauce. Peri-Peri is African Bird’s eyes Chillies which are specialty of Nando’s. Their chicken is always so tender and moist and covered with Peri-Peri sauciness that’s making my mouth watering by just writing about it. The chicken is always tender, juicy and moist and they maintain taste every single time. We ordered full chicken without any deal but for two people, you can order their platter that comes with full chicken, 2 drinks bottomless can choose from 2 sides.

We usually order their platter for two but as their Espetada Chicken is also very famous as last time we saw so many tables ordering it, so this time we decided to give it a try. Espetada Chicken is boneless flame grilled chicken comes on skewers with vegetables, including two sides of your choice. It was priced for 65 SAR. We ordered both fries as side dishes as I am not a fan of their rice and coleslaw is tasty to be honest its quantity is not worth it (you do not have many options to choose as side dishes though). But let me tell you their fries are crunchy from outside and soft from inside. We love their Peri-Peri spice over chips and as compared to so many restaurants, their chips are far tastier.

Now come to Espetada Chicken on Skewers! Look wise it has a wow factor watching hanging chicken on the skewers and there is no doubt that it taste very good. You can taste the grilled chicken with moist inside. But let me be very honest. It is not worth it. There were just 5 boneless small pieces of chicken with very little vegetables. That is not enough for a single person and does not justify the prices.


We always go to their branch in Rubeen Plaza and service is always very nice. Once you sit in, your order arrives on the table within 15-20 minutes, no matter how crowded it is.


Check this link for detailed menu.