Middle Eastern cuisine at Al Majlis Al Khaleeji Restaurant

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Living in Saudi Arabia for so many years and still if you have not tried the local food then you are really missing on to something tasty. On Eid ul Fitr as our family gathered so we decided to give a taste to local cuisine of Middle East. Although living in kingdom we have eaten the famous ‘Shawaya’ many times but it does not truly speaks of the local cuisine. So after surfing on internet and recommendation from few Arabic friends, we decided to visit Majlis al Khaleeji, located on Imam Saud Road, near exit 9.

Majlis Al Khaleji (38)

Majlish Al Khaleeji is famous for Middle Eastern cuisine. It offers a menu that reflects different cuisines of Middle Eastern countries. As you enter the restaurant, the very first thing that inspires you is the spacious building at a calm location. You can see the Single’s section outside the glass door and it is pretty big and gives a clean look. As you enter the family section, it looks even bigger and the classic Middle Eastern culture strikes you as you move ahead you get to see maps, pictures, flags and artifacts of Middle East. The interior is highly traditional that’s why I enjoyed this restaurant because I believe you don’t eat with only your mouth but with eyes.

It is one of the busiest restaurants so if you can’t find a empty section instantly, you can wait on the sofas. As we entered we were directed to one of the family sections which are covered by a curtain. The sitting area for one family is very spacious. You obviously have to sit on wall to wall carpet and cushions. Eating with hands and sitting on the floor for meals is one of the oldest traditions of Middle East so live with it and enjoy.

We ordered Makabus Meat which is cooked lamb with masala rice, garnished with fried onions and lemon. I really like the flavor of lamb with rice. Meat was perfectly cooked without any smell. But as far as the serving is concerned, I feel it is a bit overpriced. It is priced at 65 SAR but the taste somehow justifies the price.

We also ordered Madhby Chicken served with white fried rice. It was for just SAR 18 but the taste was so delicious that it makes up for every penny.  Juicy chicken, crispy skin and perfectly cooked rice were hit of the day.

Majlis Al Khaleji (12)

Fukhareat Lahm priced for 25 SAR was a gravy dish cooked with different vegetables and meat. It was served in a very traditional clay pot. The look of the gravy was not very eye catching but trust me with the soft and chewy Naan Roti, it tasted very yummy. I don’t think I have had such good vegetable gravy in a long time.

The service at Majlis Al Khaleeji is very good. As some of us were not comfortable eating with hands so we asked the waiter to bring us extra plate and spoons and they did. They usually don’t keep extra plates or spoons and you have to eat in the serving plates.

All in all a very good eating experience with Middle Eastern cuisine and it is definitely not the last. Hygienic environment, interior and tasty food needs another visit.

You can check the whole menu in the pictures below.