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IHOP! All day breakfast

Hey guys! Today I am up with a food review of IHOP! A place where you can enjoy all day breakfast! Actually IHOP is not only about breakfast but yes, they are mainly about breakfast. Last week we decided to try their breakfast menu so, on weekend we went to IHOP branch in Rubeen Plaza. If many of you don’t know about Rubeen Plaza, check its location here.

IHOP - Table for 2

IHOP – Table for 2

This place is quite busy most of the times. You would see so many people enjoying outside as there are many cafes and restaurants. Outdoor sitting area is spacious and at one place, you get so many options for food. But ladies, no shopping options! Sorry!!!

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The ambiance at IHOP was great. Very nice, comfy and vibrant environment! Service was quick and very efficient staff. We ordered a lunch deal which included cheesy beef burger with fries and choices of soft drink/iced tea. You can also choose one side from Caesar salad or garlic bread. It was for 35 SAR.

Lunch Deal - Burgers & Fries

Lunch Deal – Burgers & Fries

Lunch Deal - Garlic Bread

Lunch Deal – Garlic Bread

We also ordered breakfast platter which also includes a stack of French toasts (you can choose between Oreo, Strawberry and Apple Toffee French toasts). It was for 49 SAR.

Breakfast Platter - Apple Toffee French Toast

Breakfast Platter – Apple Toffee French Toast

The Lunch deal was pretty nice. The buns looked specially made in bakery. They were not very soft but had a nice texture that keeps you full. Beef petty was thick and juicy. Fries were crunchy but needed a little bit of seasoning. The garlic bread was crispy and so flavorful. Just the right amount of garlic! Really loved it.

Syrup for Pan Cakes & French Toast

Syrup for Pan Cakes & French Toast

The ice tea was of classic flavor and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had a strong punch of flavor with lots of ice, I really liked it. Good for these summary days.

Classic Ice Tea

Classic Ice Tea

The breakfast platter was just fine, not something you would like to order next time! The potato hash brown was good though and I loved it. The sausages were nice and juicy. But bacon was not crispy as it should be and platter was a little oilier than expected.

Breakfast Platter

Breakfast Platter

Loved the apple toffee French toast! The bread slices were very nice and thick, not so soft, not too dry. The little bits of toffee with caramelized sour apples and whipped cream definitely made our day.

French Toast Menu

French Toast Menu

But if you want to save sweet for the end like we do, while ordering do tell them to bring French toast or pan cakes at end because they were brining the order one by one and as we forgot to mention that so melting cream on top of delicious hot French toasts made us eat them first, even though we wanted to save them for last.
Overall nice place to have breakfast once in a while.