Dar al Karam Restaurant Khobar Review

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While we were visiting Khobar corniche, we decided to have our dinner there. We wanted to try something new so as we were enjoying our time around the corniche, we came across this traditional looking restaurant and decided to try our dinner there. It is known as Dar al Karam Restaurant. It was a nice restaurant with a traditional vide. The interior was very inviting and cozy.

The QR code was placed on the table, which we scanned to place our order. We ordered three very different dishes. Our order included Lamb Kababs, BBQ chicken and Chicken Escalope.

I am personally not a fan of lamb kababs but my husband loves them. He finds the kababs juicy and moist. It came with fries which is always good to have as a side. Fries were crispy. The dish was priced at 44 SAR which is a fair price for lamb kebabs.

We also ordered BBQ chicken which also came with side of fries and Saudi Khubz (Roti). The BBQ chicken was delicious. It was juicy, moist and spices were perfect and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was 29.50 SAR. This was the best dish on our table. We also absolutely love Khubz which is freshly made and thoroughly puffed.

We also ordered Chicken escalope which was 46 SAR. It was a nice addition to the table. The chicken was crispy and tender. It came with a side of coleslaw and fries. Yeah, we had a lot of fries but as we had babies with us, so they were all gone within minutes. The sauce did not complimented crispy chicken very much. Compared to other dishes, this seemed a little overpriced too.

The service was quick and staff was very nice. They also served us with a complimentary dessert at the end which was very refreshing. It is called Muhalabiyeh. It is an Arab style milk pudding and had this custardy texture with pistachios and coconut on top. If we weren’t stuffed with dinner, we would have finished it completely. We loved it. It was very light and refreshing on the palate.

You can check their complete menu here on this link: Dar AlKaram Al Khobar