Broasted Chicken in Riyadh: Bait ul Farooj

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Few days back we heard about Bait al Farooj, a famous broasted chicken place in Riyadh and decided to give it a try. Bait al Farooj is a very nice small restaurant located on intersection of Imam Saud road & King Abdul Aziz road. When you enter the restaurant, the environment looks very neat and tidy. You won’t find the restaurant empty ever as it is known as one of the best broasted points in Riyadh. You have to line up and wait for your turn to place order.

Baith Al Farouj

Bait al Farooj is famous for their Boasted Chicken so why choose something else to eat. They also have fried fish fillets, fried shrimps and fries. The variety is limited and everything is fried. We ordered spicy broasted chicken but you can also order normal broast. It was priced at only 14 SAR. One meal box comes with four large chicken pieces, one bun, one round bread called Khubas, Hummus and Thum (the sauces) and fries. 2 meal boxes are enough for three people. Their quantity is very generous.

The broasted chicken was very crispy and cooked perfectly. The taste was very nice. We picked the spicy chicken but it was not too spicy but it tasted yum. The Khubas with chicken is a perfect combination. The fries are just regular. You can put chicken pieces inside buns and can also enjoy it like a burger. But I think the buns should be little softer.

It was a nice broasted chicken meal overall and so reasonable. You can check for their detailed prices and menu in the pictures below.

The only negative thing is that the Bait al Farooj is only for singles to dine in. If you want to share it with your family, you have to take away.