Beefiness at Hamburgini

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There is no doubt that Riyadh is full of burger joints. You will probably find a burger joint at every corner in the city. Hamburgini is one of those burger joints which have the reputation of being the cheapest but delicious. Have you ever heard of a burger that costs only 9 SAR. Yes, Hamburgini offers a beef burger for just 9 SAR.

With 9 riyal, I can guarantee that it is the tastiest burger you can treat your taste buds with. But for ladies like me who mostly want chicken burgers, they will be disappointed to know that no chickens are cooked in Hamburgini kitchen.

Hamburgini menu is limited and when I say limited, it means very very limited. They have only one kind of beef burger and two types of chips (thick and think fries). You can add up to three beef patties to a burger with 4 SAR for each. You can also add different toppings like mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and caramelized onions for just 1 or 2 SAR.

If you are planning to go to Hamburgini, you must know that they have a family section only in Al Izdihar area near exit 7. After reading online reviews, when we reached after Isha prayer, the family section was completely empty but singles’ section was loaded with orders.

The beef petty was really nice and juicy. The vegetables were crunchy and tasted delicious with special Hamburgini sauce. The buns were so soft and sweet which kind of bring whole thing together. Fries were okay just like the ones you usually have at any burger point. All in all it was a nice burger but you should always order more as it just magically disappears in your stomach.

I must tell you the place is completely hygienic. Environment looks so clean and inviting. They have an open kitchen that you can look into while they are preparing your orders.

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I would totally recommend trying this one because a big thumbs up for price and the taste.