Sultan Gardens: Looking for plants! Anyone?

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If you are looking for buying plants and thinking about decorating your garden or patio, Sultan Gardens is a beautiful place to pay a visit. By road side you must have seen so many nurseries that sell different types of indoor and outdoor plants which are pretty nice but Sultan Gardens is a place that offers much more. You can find outdoor decorating furniture, indoor and outdoor plants, big flowing fountains, huge vases, pots and so much cool stuff that can help you decorate your gardens, lounges and hallways.

Outdoor Plants and Flowers area:

As you enter the property, you are encountered with huge pots and vases for planting and decorating your gardens. I have not seen such big pots anywhere in Riyadh yet. The quality looks great but a bit pricey but still worth it.

The outdoor area is pretty big and you find a good quantity of outdoor plants and flowers. The area has been decorated very well to welcome the customers.


Look at these big pots and vases!!! Aren’t they beautiful?

The big trees look so eye catching!!


They have huge variety of these flower beds for outdoor setting.


Hanging flower baskets! Pretty nice!!


The colored leaves plants for outdoor! So cute


The huge pot with flowing fountain!!! Loved it.

Sultan Gardens have quite nice variety of outdoor furniture as well but the same things can be find in Saco or other places I guess.

Indoor Plants and decorative materials:

The Indoor plant area is also very huge. You can find a great variety of Cactus, Anthuriums and many other leafy plants that can give the indoor area a very fresh and welcoming look.

I loved these cup shapes pots. They are pretty big and add nice touch to your home.


Loved these colorful vases, the vibrant yellow!! Wow

These lanterns and candle jars look so pretty but to me they are not unique as I have seen them in many home stores and prices are pretty much same.



  1. If you have ordered some big items from Sultan Gardens, they can deliver to you within 15 days of Invoice, so you don’t have to carry them all by yourself.
  2. The delivery and installation is absolutely free for Riyadh, Jeddah, Alhassa, Mecca, Altaif, Alkharj, Khobar, Dammam, Dhahran. For other cities, you will have to pay for delivery.
  3. You can reserve items for 3 days after paying 20% of your total bill if you cannot pay right away.
  4. Furniture and pots can be replaced within one week of invoice if delivered and within two weeks if not delivered.
  5. Plants can be returned or exchanged within one day of purchase.


  1. We asked the Sultan Garden sales boy for coco peat soil, they said they don’t have it.
  2. They also did not have potting mix for Cactus and Succulents plants.
  3. Not all pots carried the names of plants and flowers so it became a little confusing to choose.
  4. You do not find different qualities of vegetables and fruits to plant. As we were looking for some vegetables to grow in our roof garden, we could only find mint in small pots to propagate for our kitchen purposes. We also asked for help from one of the members but he was not sure of himself. The staff does not seem to have good info about plants which is a mood killer for such a beautiful place.
  5. Not a single staff member could speak English, so either go for Arabic or Hindi/Urdu.

Note: The pictures were taken when the Sultan Garden Centre was on sale. Now the sale is off.