Share Health Condition Card On Tawakkalna

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“Share Health Condition Card” is a new feature that has been added to Tawakkalna app. By using this feature one can share the health card of their dependents with other Tawakkalna members. One of the use case for this service can be that if someone wants to send their dependents out with friends or relatives, they can share the “Health Condition Card” with them. The “Health Condition Card” can then be shown at public places to enter.

Following is the procedure to share the “Health Condition Card” on Tawakkalna app:

  • Login to Tawakkalna app.
  • Go to “Services”.
  • From “Dependents Services” select “Health Condition Card”.

  • In “Health Condition Card” click “Share”.

  • Select one or more dependents that you want to share, then click “Share the Health Condition Card”.

  • Fill in National ID \ Iqama, Date of Birth & Number of days to share. Then click “SHARE THE NATIONAL CONDITION CARD”.


Note: Only share with caution as the health card contains personal information.