Saudi Arabia Suspends Recreational Activities, Dine in

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In a recent update, Saudi Arabia has postponed all recreational events in the country for coming ten days as starting from Today, Thursday 4th Feb as announced by Ministry of Interior cited by Saudi Press Agency.

These steps are being taken as a preventive measure to curb corona virus cases in the kingdom and stop the outbreak of second wave of Covid-19 in the Kingdom.

Have a look on the following activities which have been suspended in Saudi Arabia:

    • Not more than 20 persons are allowed in a social gathering for next ten days.


    • All weddings, social events, parties, corporate meetings in wedding halls, banquets, camps, rental houses and hotels are suspended for next 30 days.


    • All entertainment activities including cinemas, indoor game places, indoor entertainment centers which are happening in shopping malls, gyms, restaurants have also been halted for next 10 days which may be extended.


    • All dining in services in cafes and restaurants have been suspend for ten days. Only take away available.