Mandatory booster shot, masks and social distancing in Saudi Arabia!!

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In a recent development, Saudi Arabia has announced that masks are mandatory in the kingdom for all indoor and outdoor activities starting 30th December as the coronavirus cases in the kingdom have shown significant increase with Omicron variant in last few days. Social distancing has also been made mandatory for all activities and events indoors and outdoors.

A surge has been seen in covid 19 cases across the globe in last couple of weeks with Delta Variant and Omicron Variant as twin threats.

744 new covid 19 cases have been recorded in the kingdom on Wednesday, of which 14 have been recorded in Dammam, 18 in Khobar, 22 Al Mubarraz, 22 in Madina, 32 in Hofuf, 149 in Jeddah and 155 in Makkah.

Considering the recent surge of covid cases, Saudi Arabia has made it compulsory to get booster jab from February 1st 2022 for entry in all public places.

Health ministry in Saudi Arabia has recently announced that adults have to get a covid 19 booster shot in order to keep their fully vaccinated status updated on Tawakkalna by 1st of February.

According to the latest decision by health ministry, it is mandatory to receive a booster dose once you have been double jabbed with covid 19 vaccination and eight months have elapsed to your last dose.