Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test Kit Available In Saudi Arabia

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In a recent development in Saudi Arabia, it is now official that Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test Kit are available all across pharmacies in Kingdom which you can use to do a Covid-19 test at home.

These kits are not very expensive. As of now, Panbio Covid-19 test kit by Abbott is selling at  for 45 SAR only.

It is an easy to use test kit which gives you results in 15 minutes only. This kit can detect coronavirus in people with or without any symptoms. This can also detect new variant of Covid-19 known as Delta Omicron which is the latest mutation of omicron and delta virus.

Here is the simple procedure to conduct Covid-19 Antigen test at home shown in this video:

Make sure you clean and dry your hands properly before opening the containers and then follow the procedures as instructed in the video above. You will get two lines for positive result and one line for negative result.