Caution Mode in Tawakkalna App

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Tawakkalna app offers real-time monitoring of suspected or infected Covid-19 cases in your vicinity, while maintaining user’s privacy. It is achieved by enabling “Caution Mode” in the app. Once enabled the app notifies when you come in close proximity to patients suspected of or infected with Covid-19 at:

  • Malls & Shopping Centers
  • Workplaces
  • Hospitals & Health Facilities
  • Gatherings & Public Places

Following is the procedure to enable “Caution Mode” in Tawakkalna app:

  • Login to Tawakkalna app.
  • Go to “Services”.
  • From “Health Services” select “Caution Mode”.

  • In “Caution Mode” swipe right to activate.

  • In order to enable “Caution Mode”, Bluetooth should be switched on.

  • You must keep Tawakkalna app open in foreground in order to be alerted.

Note: In “Caution Mode” Tawakkalna app actively uses Bluetooth, so battery might drain faster than usual.