Uber: Cheap but excellent Taxi service in KSA

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Many of you might not be aware that there is an excellent taxi service working in KSA which is not only budget friendly but also a very convenient service to travel in city and it is called UBER. It is an application that you can download for Android & Apple smart phones. From the app one can order a ride sitting at home with convince & ease.

Uber is working in Saudi Arabia for quite some time but as these taxis are like private cars and don’t have any logos so you may not have known about them.

Why Uber is much better than local taxis?

Actually for quite some time, I was trying to give this ride service app a try in Kingdom, as I have heard many good reviews about it. So, when I had to travel to King Khalid International Airport Riyadh, I placed order on my app for Uber car. Within 4 minutes exactly, the car was at our door and the driver called us immediately to inform that he is here. When we settled our luggage in, we hop in and the driver started the ride. The best thing is the Uber driver starts the ride when you sit in the car.

Uber Taxi Service

Uber Taxi Service

Uber is much cheaper than normal taxi!!

Previously we had to pay 50 SAR for a ride on a local taxi from Exit 6 to King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh but with Uber we paid only 30 SAR. For returning back home from airport (as you may know, you always pay more from airport to back home, do not know the exact reason though) anyways, we used to pay 70 to 75 SAR, but with Uber we paid only 52 SAR last night, which is pretty amazing for us.

3 Different options for choosing cars for travel with Uber:

Uber App gives you 3 different options for choosing cars to pick you up according to number of people and luxury and a certain rate window is mentioned right away for each car option. Following screen shots are self explanatory.

Professional Drivers:

The Drivers are well behaved and professional. But if you don’t like how they behaved or drive you can always rate them accordingly.

The good things about Uber are:

  1. You do not have to negotiate for a price, before booking you already know what you are paying for.
  2. Rates are extremely affordable.
  3. You can order a ride sitting at your couch like ordering a pizza.
  4. You get more professional service.
  5. You feel like you are travelling in your own car.

High end customer service:

The customer service at Uber is great. With our last ride, this little thing happened. Our driver drove well but mid way; he started using his cell phone and watched video while driving. This seemed very unprofessional to us so when the ride finished, we rated the driver and commented on his profile that he was using cell phone. The Uber Customer Service looked into the issue immediately and within an hour; they refund us with credit in our Uber App as compensation which we can use with our next ride.

Our refunded cash in our account by Uber

Although we complained Uber just to ensure a better experience for others as it is everybody’s responsibility to give an honest rating and we were also not looking for reimbursement of payment but we highly appreciate the Uber Customer Service for their prompt response with full refund.

Where else you get such quick customer service…!!!