Moroor Specifies Places Where It Is Forbidden To Stop Or Park Vehicles

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Moroor (Traffic Department) in Saudi Arabia has specified, in a tweet, places where it is forbidden to stop or park vehicle. In the tweet shared by Moroor, they have identified 9 places where it is not allowed to park.

Following is the list of places shared by Moroor where it is not allowed to stop or park vehicle:

  1.  It is not allowed to stop or park on Bridges.
  2.  Vehicle can not be parked across the road or in the middle of the road.
  3.  Parking or stopping on Pedestrians Path (commonly known as “Zebra Crossings”) is not allowed.
  4.  Vehicle can not be parked 15 meters or less from the traffic lights.
  5.  Places dedicated for pedestrians such as sidewalks & footpaths.
  6.  Parking places that are reserved for specific type vehicles, such as places dedicated for Metro Buses.
  7.  Parking, 15 meters or less, before turns is not allowed.
  8.  Less than a meter and a half from the corridors specified for school students.
  9.  Parking against the flow of traffic is not allowed.