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Hajj Packages 2022

Hajj 2022 packages for pilgrims from Saudi Arabia have been announced last week. This year there are 3 different type of categories available, i.e. Towers (Mina), Hospitality 1 (Upgraded camps) & Hospitality 2 (camps). Each category contains different level of facilities available during the Hajj.

How To Update Mobile Number In Absher

Absher platform allows Citizens & Residents in Saudi Arabia to use variety of services provided by different government departments. Absher can be used for query Traffic Violations, Hajj permits, Dependent services, Passport services, Visa Issuance & many other services provided by different government departments.

STC QuickNet Prepaid Data Packages

STC offers wide variety of Prepaid Data packages to cater needs of different users.  Earlier STC had different packages for 4G & 5G, but lately, all Quicknet Prepaid packages support & became 5G packages.