Hajj Package Booking in 2018

Today first phase for Hajj 2018 booking in Saudi Arabia has started. Unlike past years, the Hajj booking process has been divided into two phases. This is a new and improved process that will facilitate greatly in booking of Hajj packages from Saudi Arabia.

This time around, in first phase till 13 July, 2018 people can shortlist different Hajj packages as per their needs. They will also be able to add all the details related to them and the dependents travelling with them for Hajj. The first phase is only for comparing and shortlisting the Hajj operators. The payments for the Hajj package will only be done in second phase, that will start from 14 or 15 July, 2018.

For phase 1, go to Hajj 2018 Portal and select city & package type to continue. It will display all the operators available.

You can view all the details of the operators and can also shortlist Hajj operators depending on your needs. The search can be narrowed by price range, Hajj operator, camp category, means to transport (bus or train), female pilgrim without Mahram & for accessibility for disabilities.

If you like any Hajj package, click on the “Add to wish list” button. It will ask for Iqama number & date of birth. This information will be used in future to see the selected packages by clicking “My Wishlist” in the menu bar.

Once information is entered, press Submit. After it will ask for the mobile number. Enter the mobile number and you are done.

If you are travelling with any dependent you can also update their information. You can add multiple packages and compare them. Just remember as this is the first phase, you will only be able to shortlist the operators. This does not guarantee the booking at this time, that will be done in the phase two.

You can compare different packages in the following image.


15 thoughts on “Hajj Package Booking in 2018

  1. My Akama will expire on 28 July and I will make exit visa for my family before that. As I know that after making exit visa they can stay 2 months inside KSA. So, if I make exit for them on 20 July 2018, is there any problem to go Hajj from Riyadh?

    Thanks and Regards.


  2. Thanks for giving step by step infformations. How can we know which company is good? how to know which category of tents are better. They just write category but no explained information about that category. Can we add more than one compnies in wish list? How to get religious guide who are urdu speaking or english speaking?


  3. Asalam O Alikum dear brothers / Sisters,

    Did anyone know the link or address (email) or contact no of a good Hajj operator?

    My boss family want to go on Hajj this year and i really want to make their Hajj plan memorable.

    Can anyone please help me in giving the accurate information on link about any good Hajj operator as surfing net will waste lots of time.

    Thanks and best regards,


  4. Assalam Alaykum,

    Thanks for providing step by step info. but what do we need to do in the second phase. After shortlisting some Hajj operators in “My WishList,” Will I receive any notification from the Ministry of Hajj or the operators upon starting the second phase i.e. 14 July and 15 July, or do we have to go for any further steps. I will appreciate if you can guide us on the further steps for the second phase too.

    Kind regards,


    1. Currently we do not have this information. Hopefully we will get some update in few days and will update accordingly.


  5. Please check the highlighted errors : HO Quota invalid

    getting the mentioned error.
    Any idea how to address this. I am unable to complete my booking due to this.


    1. I think you choose different city other than your city, the Package does not belong to your city. I got same error.
      looks like HAJJ OPERATOR quota is not matching to your city.


  6. Thanks for sharing such an informative blog….about the package booking. multiple packaging option is so good…Thanks for giving step by step information. !


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