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Etimad Pakistan – KSA new Visa Fee

As the news of new visa fee structure was circulating the Saudi media & expatriate community for quite some time now. Today, on 2nd October 2016, affecting immediately, the fees has been applied. Etimad Pakistan, company dealing with stamping of visa, has updated the new fee structure on their website. As so many Pakistani settled in Saudi Arabia, call their loved ones to kingdom on visit visas each year, so this news of increase in visa fee is substantially important for the audience.


As mandated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia, all Applicants travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are required to obtain a Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) approved Medical Insurance Certificate from the Visa Application Centre.

The cost of the insurance is generated upon receiving the application and has to be paid at the time of the appointment.

As it was stated that 1st Muharram i.e. 2nd October, 2016 will be the starting date of application of new visa fees, so as the first thing in morning, I turned towards Etimad Pakistan website to check the status and I found this:


So, from now on for Family visit visa (for each person), you will have to pay 62,921 PKR (Pakistani Rupees) for a normal package and 67,680 PKR for a lounge package. Earlier the normal stamping cost was 10,000 PKR and 15,000 PKR for lounge package. The visa fee applicable to both packages for family visit will be 58,600 PKR which is almost 10 times of the previous fee (5,870 PKR).

IMPORTANT NOTICE- In effect from 01 Muharram, 1438 corresponding to 02 October, 2016. As per the instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, invitation letters dated prior to Sunday, 02 October 2016 will not be accepted for processing new visa requests. Travelers are requested to obtain a new invitation letter to process their applications. Invitation letter is mandatory for application processing.

Following are the highlights of the applied changes related to visa for KSA:

  • One time entry visa fee now is SAR 2000 (excluding the stamping charges). KSA government will bear this cost for the people that are performing Hajj or Umrah for the first time. For the second time people performing Hajj or Umrah SAR 2000 will be charges as visa fee (excluding the stamping fee)
  • The exit/re-entry visa fees is:
    • SAR 200 for a single trip for a maximum of two months and additional SAR100 for each month.
    • SAR 500 for multiple trips for maximum three months and additional SAR 200 for each month.
  • Multiple exit/re-entry visa fees:
    • SAR 3000 for the six-month visa
    • SAR 5000 for the one-year visa
    • SAR 8000 for the two-year visa

Visa applications submitted from 17th October, 2106 will have to get a Medical Insurance Certificate from Visa Application Center i.e. Etimad Office. Earlier it was said that the fee for medical insurance will be USD 254 (approximately 1000 SAR). But our reader Mr. Usman Sheikh has confirmed that he had paid 3,500 PKR (approximately 125 SAR) for medical insurance.

Complete detail of medical Insurance can be found in this VisaTermsAndConditions document.
Etimad – Medical Insurance Benefits

One of our reader Mr. Nauman inquired from Etimad regarding the medical insurance fee and following is their reply:

Dear Sir,

Insurance fee calculation is on daily base offering rate, age of applicant, time span of visa and other factors. We cannot give an exact amount, it can be between 6,000 to 30,000 PKR per passport.

Regards Etimad Team.

Please note, no other medical insurance certificate will be acceptable.





    1. Dear Sir,
      Can you please inform about the visit visa fees? is it true of fake news?


    2. Dear Sir,
      The link that you have provided is not working.
      Please share the other source.


    3. Dear Sir,
      It is not fake news, fees have been reduced in India and other countries. you can check the social news with proof there and also the link that was provided by you is removed by Saudi gazette in which it was said that (NO FEES HAVE BEEN REVISED).
      Please confirm why fees are not reduced in Pakistan? will they be or remain same?
      thanks for your efforts and kind cooperation in this regard.



    4. Saudi Gazette posted the article that it is fake news. After 1 day they removed the article from their site.
      Currently we do not have any news for the fee in Pakistan. It seems that in some time it will be reduced for every country.


  1. sir sab Mumalik ki visit visa fees 2000 se 305 ryal kar di gai indian logo ki b fees 305 kar di gai hi but pakistani Mulk kaliye nahi ki kyoun??????


    1. Dear Sir,
      Is there any news for visit visa fees to be reduced in Pakistan???
      it will be or not please advise.


  2. Dear Sir , can you share the list of the hospitals being covered under insurance from Eitamad for visitors coming from Pakistan, in country of KSA.kindly e-mail me the detailed list on the mentioned address.


  3. kindly share the list of hospitals in KSA which have been covered under insurance provided by Eitemad for visitors coming from Pakistan to different cities of KSA.


    1. Its a pity that they have not reduced the visit visa fees for Pakistanis and unfortunately Pakistan Embassy or Government have not bothered to even try and talk to the Saudi Government. Anyway, my visited in August 2017 on Visit Visa and she paid Rs.85,500 to Etimad in Karachi. SR.2000 for visa and 950 for Medical Insurance. When she arrived in Riyadh, I asked her where is the Medical Insurance, she said Etimad didnt give any single paper which says that she paid for the Medical Insurance. SRTRANGE, Isnt it?


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