How to book a Hajj Package in KSA?

Hajj for year 1437 is just 1 month away. Last week on 1st Dhul Qadah, “Ministry of Hajj & Umrah” started the booking of Hajj for the locals (Saudi Nationals & Foreign Residents i.e. Iqama Holders). This is the second year that the booking for Hajj packages is being done online. Earlier it was all manual process, one had to first find a few agents and then compare the packages himself. It was time consuming and required a lot of effort. But the things have changed from last year. Now the booking process is fully automated and the booking can be done quiet quickly and with a lot ease.


Procedure To Book Hajj Package - Summary
Procedure To Book Hajj Package – Summary

Following are the complete steps to Book a Hajj package from KSA:

  • Go to Hajj Portal. On the first page there are details of different type of packages offered by the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah.
  1. Normal Fare: It provides different level of services with different pricing for the pilgrims.
  2. Low Fare: It is the most economical service program
  3. Moyassur: It provides accommodation in Makkah instead of Mina camps.


  • After you go through the details of different type of Hajj Packages and before proceeding to the reservation process, it is suggested that you go through the camp location of Hajj companies to short list them based on the location. It is recommended that the camp should be either near to the Jamarat or the Mina Train station 2. The reason for this is that during Hajj one will have to go 3 time to Jamarat from Mina, so it is preferred that the distance from the Mina camp to Jamarat is either less (less than 500 meters) or it is right next to train station so that one can easily reach Jamarat.


  • Once you are familiarized with the Hajj packages and the agents, the next step is to start the Reservation process. From the main menu, under “Packages & Reservation” select “Reservation Request”. On the Reservation Request page, fill the required information and then click submit, to show the list of all operators available based on the search parameters specified.
Hajj Reservation Request
Hajj Reservation Request
  • After Reservation Request is submitted, list of all available operators will be shown. You can modify the search parameters from the bar on the left side. As the portal is new, currently there are very limited parameters available to shortlist the operator. Hopefully this will be addressed in the future versions. Once you short list a  operator, you can view the location of their tent in Mina by clicking “Show Mina Camps on Map. Important things to note before booking a package is the distance from Jamarat or distance from Train, the shorter, the better. It is recommended to go for the package which provides Train transportation between ritual places. Click the “Details” button to check on more information and the complete list of services provided by the operator.


  • Once you are satisfied with the cost, level of service, mode of transport and location of tent in Mina offered, then click on “Book” button to start the reservation for that particular package. First you will need to enter a valid mobile number and email address. Verification code will be sent on the mobile number. Once received, enter the verification code and press “Submit”.


  • Fill the complete Pilgrim Information as every field is required. To speed the process, save Iqama number, Birth date of all the pilgrims in a notepad beforehand. Trust me it helps a lot, as some time the session gets timed out while you are filling the information.


  • Now you can select the date you want to leave Mina, it can be either 12 Dhul Hajj or 13 Dhul Hajj. By my experience, this does not matter because the operator has already planned that it is gonna be 12 or 13 Dhul Hajj. A new feature of Qurbani (Sacrifice) has been added this year. Previous year the pilgrim has to himself arrange for the Sacrifice, but this time the option of Sacrifice is available on the portal with the collaboration of Islamic Development Bank. It is highly advised to book the Sacrifice with the package as it will save you from a lot of hassle.Hajj Package Reservation - Additional ServiceHajj Package Reservation – Additional Service
  • After all the information is submitted, detail Terms & conditions will be displayed with the Cancellation process and cost, Reservation rules and some other information. Read all the instructions thoroughly and then press “I Agree”.


  • Now all the information regarding the package is shown. Click submit on upper right hand corner. You have 72 hours to make the payment or the reservation will be cancelled.


  • The reservation summary will be shown with all the detail. Save all the details in a PDF file. Payment information is also mentioned on this page. The payment can be done through SADAD. You have 72 hours before the reservation is automatically cancelled. During the payment, reservation number should be used to make the payment through SADAD.


  • Frequently Asked Question


  • Contact Information: Ministry of Hajj & Umrah

    Ministry of Hajj - Contact Information
    Ministry of Hajj – Contact Information
  • Hajj Contract Template


  • If you have any queries or questions, leave them below in the comments sections.

83 thoughts on “How to book a Hajj Package in KSA?

  1. Assalamu alaikum. We’re residing in dammam, planned to perform hajj, we have 3 kids of age 16,9, 7 respectively. All will come under same cost of hajj or is there any consession, we have no other option except taking them with us. Please reply.


  2. Assalamm u Alikumm! now local hajj site is not opening for online booking. How we can do online booking? is any information plz guide me


  3. As salam alikum WR WB. dear brother i been trying since morning to register with low fare package but website keep on showing page expired, and now in the evening when I’m trying again it’s showing no available, can you please help me ?


    1. Due to high load some people faced this issue. You should try tomorrow in off peak time, if some one does not make the payment, the package can appear again.


  4. As Salam O Alykum,

    I am trying for low cost package since morning and when i tried to book any available low cost package, it gives either “500 error code” or “HO Quota invalid” after “Add Adahi Coupon” page.

    Any suggestions . . ?


  5. salamwalekum trying to apply for with low fare but site is not responding and its not giving no results
    plz let me if we can apply to low fare with another sources


    1. You can directly contact with the operators (details from the portal). Normally the low cost packages are reserved on first day. It will be highly improbable that any package is left now.


  6. I am going for Hajj from Riyadh but my agents office is in Makkah, will it make any trouble during process of documentation. Its showing gathering point with contact in Riyadh. Please advise


    1. Assalamualaikum I applied for Hajj and alhamdulilah I got in muyassar . In muyassar there is no tent facility in mina. Wanted to know will that be any problem or it’s better if I book in normal package. And how far do we have to stay from mina. JazakAllah


    1. You can book a package to perform Hajj. Once in Makkah you can meet with you family, but will have to live in the accommodation provided by the Hajj operator.


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