How to Modify Information in Saudi Post National Address system

In the previous article “How to Register National Address in Kingdom”, we described how to register an address in Saudi Post National Address system. Once you have registered your address and need to modify it or add new members, follow the instructions below:



  1. Go to link:
  2. Select language of page to English from the upper left corner, the page will load again in English.national_address_14
  3. Click on “Register Your Address Today” and a new window will open.national_address_15
  4. Click on “Registration of Individuals”national_address_03
  5. Then click on “Manage a Registered Address”national_address_17
  6. Then enter your National / Iqama Id & mobile number. An activation code will be sent to the mobile number. Enter the activation code and click Next.national_address_18
  7. You account details will load and you can:
    1. View details – Click on “View Details
    2. Add new members – Click on “Add Member” then refer to registration article for the details to add a new member. Follow the step 7 in this article.
    3. Update Address – Click on Update Address then refer to registration article for the details to add a new member.Follow the step 8 in this article.
    4. Print registration certificate – Click on Print Details.national_address_19


98 thoughts on “How to Modify Information in Saudi Post National Address system

  1. Hi, i am wrongly registered national address in wrong building number at first time.then i registered again in my own building number and me miss the first wrong printout in post office.if any problem for future.


  2. Good Day !!

    When i entered national id & mobile umber to add my household member, it says loading for several minutes and i can not go further. Kindly advise


    1. Some time there is a lot of load on system or may be some internal error. Try after some time and it should work. Or you can visit nearest Saudi Post office to get the address registered.


    2. Dear,

      I already registered my address but i missed four digit code from my mobile, Now i need this code from where i can get this


  3. i am already register my natatinal id , but i cant login showing iqama number and mobile number not matched ,iam already register my mobile number


  4. i cant login my post online , already register my adress but building number wrong ,how can update my building number


  5. Hi.. I want to change my mobile number. The mobile number which i have register is not with me… any one can help..


  6. By mistake i have registered my address 2 times, out of which 1 is correct and second one is not. Now both the address are registered under my Iqama number and name.
    How i can delete the wrong address. Kindly help.


  7. i cannot register and always giving me a message that the ID information is not correct. i tried it many times…. and does it register even if the iqama is expired already???


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