How to Modify Information in Saudi Post National Address system

In the previous article “How to Register National Address in Kingdom”, we described how to register an address in Saudi Post National Address system. Once you have registered your address and need to modify it or add new members, follow the instructions below:



  1. Go to link:
  2. Select language of page to English from the upper left corner, the page will load again in English.national_address_14
  3. Click on “Register Your Address Today” and a new window will open.national_address_15
  4. Click on “Registration of Individuals”national_address_03
  5. Then click on “Manage a Registered Address”national_address_17
  6. Then enter your National / Iqama Id & mobile number. An activation code will be sent to the mobile number. Enter the activation code and click Next.national_address_18
  7. You account details will load and you can:
    1. View details – Click on “View Details
    2. Add new members – Click on “Add Member” then refer to registration article for the details to add a new member. Follow the step 7 in this article.
    3. Update Address – Click on Update Address then refer to registration article for the details to add a new member.Follow the step 8 in this article.
    4. Print registration certificate – Click on Print Details.national_address_19


98 thoughts on “How to Modify Information in Saudi Post National Address system

  1. I registered my national address . but bymistake i entered a worng bulding number, now again i did the registration with the correct building number2982, can you please proceed my address with new details


  2. good morning sir! regarding the national address registration, i was not able to register because i am here in the philippines now for my annual vacation. i will be back on april 17. but my problem is my saudi sim card got lost. i can still register in the national address even if its already finish its deadline?


  3. Hi Admin,

    I just want to ask regarding National Address, when I registered in the national address, it has given a wrong flat number. When updating the flat number in the national address it is prompting

    “Sorry, the address is already registered to another customer. If the address information is correct, please contact customer service at 920005700”

    Please note that I am just sharing with my colleague in the apartment and I am not the one whose renting directly with the owner.

    Hope you can share some thoughts regarding the above.




    1. It seems that someone else has registered that as their own address. If your roommate has done that you ask him to add you as a member.


  4. Hi Admin,

    I just want to ask regarding National Address, when I registered in the national address, it has shown that register successfully note it will take 24 hours …. but i forget to take a print out or to save the information what is the procedure to know the national id.if i am going to registered address it is asking national id which i don’t know i tried by adding iqama number but not accepting.


  5. By mistake i have registered my address 2 times, out of which 1 is correct and second one is not. Now both the address are registered under my Iqama number and name.
    How i can delete the wrong address. Kindly help.


    1. There is no option for deleting the address, You can update the incorrect address with correct details. You will have both the same address.


  6. same problem faced ….kindly advice solution
    System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format. at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal) at System.Number.ParseInt64(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt) at System.Convert.ToInt64(String value) at NAS.Web.BusinessObjects.Models.LocationInfo.UpdateLocationInfoFromGISAPI() in C:ProjectsNational Address Store ProjectMainSourceNASNAS.WebBusinessObjectsModelsLocationInfo.cs:line 164 at sender, EventArgs e) in C:ProjectsNational Address Store ProjectMainSourceNASNAS.WebarindividualregistrationStep4.aspx.cs:line 78

    been trying for days…even in incognito mode and different browsers.


  7. National ID or mobile number are not matched, please make sure the data entered is correct. How I can get this resolved it does not register me nor does it allows me chang the registered address. I am not even certain that my address is registered or not. Please help me I have to open a bank account


  8. when I entered the building number and address its showing another building no and address and its already can I change it to my exact building number and address.


  9. I have registered my address in the month of April, now i need the printed copy of my address registered details to submit to bank, please advise How can i get the details.


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