How to Modify Information in Saudi Post National Address system

In the previous article “How to Register National Address in Kingdom”, we described how to register an address in Saudi Post National Address system. Once you have registered your address and need to modify it or add new members, follow the instructions below:



  1. Go to link:
  2. Select language of page to English from the upper left corner, the page will load again in English.national_address_14
  3. Click on “Register Your Address Today” and a new window will open.national_address_15
  4. Click on “Registration of Individuals”national_address_03
  5. Then click on “Manage a Registered Address”national_address_17
  6. Then enter your National / Iqama Id & mobile number. An activation code will be sent to the mobile number. Enter the activation code and click Next.national_address_18
  7. You account details will load and you can:
    1. View details – Click on “View Details
    2. Add new members – Click on “Add Member” then refer to registration article for the details to add a new member. Follow the step 7 in this article.
    3. Update Address – Click on Update Address then refer to registration article for the details to add a new member.Follow the step 8 in this article.
    4. Print registration certificate – Click on Print Details.national_address_19


98 thoughts on “How to Modify Information in Saudi Post National Address system

  1. Dear all Members

    As my personal Experience there is no need to worry if you have upper mentionad problems just call saudi post helpline: 920005700 in the morning or afternoon they solve all problem immediately online.

    And also there is no need to visit post office also just call at their helpline.

    Registration can be deleted.
    adding new family member
    update address or falt No.

    all issue can be solved if system is not permitting you to edit just call 920005700 JazaALLAH


    1. thanks a lot brother i was searching from past 3 hours how to change this… i called at 920005700 saudi post and solved my problem… thanks


  2. Hi Admin, I have shifted my house, but my national address were registered under my old house. How could i change the national address to my new house ?


    1. Dear Azeem,

      Just call on 9200 05700, they will update for you and also you can change through edit profile but sometimes website doesn’t update the changes. I would advise call to customer service it will be done promptly. All the best.


  3. Assalam walekum sir i lost my mobile no how to change my new mobile no. because without mobile no i can’t change what happen any thing please help me give solution.


  4. the mobile number in my national address is not working anymore how can i access my account or print my national address registration form??please help me because i need it on some transactions especially in bank..thank you


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