How to Register National Address in Kingdom

Few days ago I went to get a new car insurance from AXA and found out that beside other documents, certificate of National Address is also required. After searching about it on google I came to know that National Address is a project started by Saudi Post to transform the old way of descriptive address to the digital ones.


Following is the procedure to register for National Address:

  1. Go to link:
  2. Select language of page to English from the upper left corner, the page will load again in English.national_address_01

  3. Click on “Register Your Address Today” and a new window will open.national_address_02
  4. Click on “Registration of Individuals”national_address_03
  5. Then click on “New Registration”national_address_04
  6. Fill the complete form. All fields are required. The new Iqama have expiry of 5 years, but in actual that is expiry of the physical card. The Iqama expiry needs to be same as in the MOI website. Then press Next.


  7. In next step you can optionally add other members for the same address. If you want to add other members, check the box “Yes, I would like to add ….”, if not then only press next.

    national_address_06 national_address_07

  8. In this step choose the means to specify the address that you want to register. There are 4 modes available:

    national_address_08a. Enter Address Detail: Manually enter the complete detail of the address like Area / Region (AR Riyadh), City (Riyadh), Neighborhood (Al Wadi) and Building Number (4 Digit). Then click on “Verify Address” to confirm the address and press Next.

     national_address_09b. On The Map: Use maps to pin point the address location. You can also short list by specifying the Area, City, Neighborhood & Building Number. Then click on “Verify Address” to confirm the address and press Next.

    national_address_10 national_address_11c. Current Location: If you are in the vicinity of the address that you want to register then select this option. After the address is final click Next to continue.

  9. In this step, confirm if all the information is accurate. If everything is fine, then check “I agree to the terms and conditions …”. An Activation code will be sent to your mobile phone that you have provided earlier. Enter the Activation code and then press “Finish and Send”. This is the final step and after this your address will be registered in National Address system.

  10. This is the registration confirmation. It is advisable to save it as a PDF document for future use.

After registration, if you want to modify the address or add new member, you can find all that information in this article.

70 thoughts on “How to Register National Address in Kingdom

  1. What shall I do if my I registered twice with 2 different addresses. First registration was accepted but address I identified is Al Sulaymaniyah which I later found out that it is wrong. Second registration was also accepted and the address I entered is Al Wizarat, as identified automatically and is correct.

    Do I need to have the first registration cancelled or will be superseded by the second entry?

  2. My mobile not receiving Activation Code, i tried many times to click for resend. But still i didn’t receiving activation code. Is there any alternative way? Thank you

  3. Even though I entered correct information it says correct your residence id. Is it because of expired iqama? Expired iqama person can register for national address?

  4. dear Admin when I fill the option (Region i.e RIYADH) then another option i.e city district etc does not show.

    1. and when I fill another city other than Riyadh in the REGION option than others option like city, district shows

  5. i have given the perfect address in the address verification page but still it says “wrong verificaton”.
    it is haram that you are wasting our time for programmers mistakes.almost all the people are facing problems in registering the address.

      1. not only my issues in our king fahad military medical complex more then 2000 employers working in same location and same postal code 34313 and maximum people suffering due to not open navigation map
        so can you please do something

  6. for new expertise how they will get new sim card because we need to enter mobile number right or else we can enter another person’s mobile number.

      1. admin i just want to ask if i can use different mobile number from registration? i arrived here in ksa yesterday and found out that my stc number which is registered on my iqama has no signal, thank you

  7. 1) The “Proof of Address” print out option always appears blank, i.e., without the name and address details. Is there a reason for this and how can it be fixed?
    2) Now that all government services, banks, insurance etc will require confirmation of national address, are we required just to take a print out of the “registration” print-out and/or “proof of address” of address print out to the service providers? If so, how often is this required?
    3) What if I am a household member but have registered separately? Is there a problem?
    4) What if i have registered twice or more by mistake (as system seems to allow it)? Is there a problem?
    5) Are domestic help/drivers etc required to complete the National Address?

    1. Following are the answers:

      1) There are some glitches in the system, try after some time to get the printout.
      2) Most probably it will be asked once by the bank and insurance company.
      3) It does not seem to be a problem.
      4) If system allows it, then i guess it is fine.
      5) I think they can be added as a member. If some department asks for the proof of residence, then they can be added as member.

  8. National Address Updated 2 time by mistake how can remove one from list same Address Added 2 times need to remove one of them can u help please.

  9. Actually my mobile number is not on my IQAMA so what iqama i have to use either my original iqama or which registered mobile iqama number

      1. Why when I register for national address then they say that please check your national id but my iqama is correct

  10. I Tried to Register but when i click the register button it says error:

    System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format. at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal) at System.Number.ParseInt64

      1. since april 9, 2018 until now april 11, 2018 i cannot register it always say

        Please correct the following:-

        System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format. at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal) at System.Number.ParseInt64(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt) at System.Convert.ToInt64(String value) at NAS.Web.BusinessObjects.Models.LocationInfo.UpdateLocationInfoFromGISAPI() in C:\Projects\National Address Store Project\Main\Source\NAS\NAS.Web\BusinessObjects\Models\LocationInfo.cs:line 164 at sender, EventArgs e) in C:\Projects\National Address Store Project\Main\Source\NAS\NAS.Web\ar\individual\registration\Step4.aspx.cs:line 78

      2. what will happen if the individual failed to register the national address? what will be the effect of that person? or what will be the effect in that person?

        1. Currently this information is required by banks and Telecom companies. You might not be able to get new SIM if the address is not updated. Banks can also ask for this and in case it is not provided, you account can be temporarily suspended until the address is registered.
          In future it might be linked with the house contract.

  11. How to know that our registration was successful? I presumed that i was registered successfully because i got the notification code to inter and to verify. Sad to say when I’m going to modify, I can’t log in; Error… “Please correct the following:-

    National ID or mobile number are not matched, please make sure the data entered is correct. You can change your mobile number by calling 920005700”

    1. Yes it some times give this error. Sometime it takes a couple of tries to get it working. Try after a few hours and it should work.
      Just in case also make sure that you are entering the correct information.

    2. Hi..Is your problem is resolved. Please let me know because i am also facing the same kind of issue past one day.

  12. the application form is not accepting my email address after trying multiple times and also using an alternate email address. an error message saying “wrong email” pops up every time. how can I complete the process?

  13. For the question – Are you the actual renter- I answered ‘no’ . How do I change the answer to ‘yes’ as the rental contract is on my name.

  14. dear sir, step 6.. I put personal information but I havr no corporet information like liecence. what shoul I do.For open bank accout I need national addresse. please advise me.

  15. Is it Necessary to get registered?
    I mean if someone living in sharing houses what will they do?
    Is there any deadline to get register
    Waiting for response


    1. Currently there is no deadline. Some banks & insurance companies are asking for this information. It is only required if some one asks to produce the proof of residency.

  16. After register, the national address should I need to go to the bank and update my personal information or no need.


  17. How to print my information in National Address, i already registered but forgot to print or save. Please need your help, thanks!.

      1. Thanks for response, I tried already. My building number is not on the map, its strange, i navigated the map and checked it thoroughly also. After entering the building number in the field we have to press the verify address button, it is compulsory. And if the building number is not in map it gives message “wrong verification”. I am stuck.

          1. I have registered using building building number provided by owner as per map, even though the number printed on the building was different.

  18. Assalamualaikum,

    I did follow the procedure and registered it. But at the end I didn’t get a confirmation slip instead it just displayed that “Thank You! Your National Address Registered Successful”. After this for bank purpose what is the further process, Should I go and just say that I registered ? I dont even seen an option for print.

    1. Coding Units
      Units are numbered sequentially within buildings (1, 2, 3, …). If the building does not contain units then there is no need for a unit number, instead the number (1) will be considered as the unit number. Numbering units usually applies to complexes, residential buildings, commercial offices…etc.

  19. I am receiving messages from my Bank to register for National address before April 14th. Can you help me with this.??

  20. Even after selecting English, and then New Registration, the disclaimer page is in Arabic, and all pages after that – never shows form in English

    1. It is still the same now [26th] and was like it for almost a week before I made 1st comment.
      Banks say they can freeze accounts if not registered – this is going to cause a huge backlash if they cannot get their site working for registration in English. Don’t expect anyone to rush to fix things though…

  21. staying in rented villa. after completing the registration finish and send ; message appearing that address already used. how to do the registration.

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