Fahas – Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection

To drive a vehicle in Saudi Arabia one needs to have a valid “Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (MVPI)” certificate, commonly known as Fahas. Fahas is only valid for 1 year and needs to be renewed every year. I have been driving car for a couple of years and no one has ever asked for the Fahas. Normally people only do Fahas when they need to renew Istamara (Vehicle Registration) or sell the car or change the ownership of car (in case of transfer of leased car from bank).

Documents required to perform Fahas
  • Iqama
  • Vehicle Registration (Istamara)

Timing to perform Fahas in Riyadh

  • Sunday to Thursday – 07:00 to 16:15
  • Friday – OFF
  • Saturday – 07:00 to 14:15

Procedure to Perform Fahas in Riyadh

  1. Locate the “Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (MVPI)” center in your city. For Riyadh the location is mentioned in the end of the article.
  2. It is advisable to go after Duhr prayer, as it is less crowded then.
  3. I went to perform Fahas at 10:15 AM on Tuesday and had to wait for 40 minutes to pay the fees. It was a very long queue. In fact there were 10 queues, 4 for HTV and 6 for LTV.
  4. At the cash counter you will need to present the Iqama, Istamara and 73 SAR fee for car inspection. The teller will return you a cash receipt, Iqama & Istamara.
    Fahas - Cash Counter

    Fahas – Cash Counter

    Fahas - Cash Receipt

    Fahas – Cash Receipt

  5. After payment you will head to the inspection shed.

    Fahas - Queue to perform Inspection for LTV

    Fahas – Queue to perform Inspection for LTV

    Fahas - Queue to perform Inspection for HTV

    Fahas – Queue to perform Inspection for HTV

  6. Once you reach the inspection shed, you will be asked to come out of the vehicle and give the slip to the vehicle inspector.
    Fahas - Quality Policy

    Fahas – Quality Policy

  7. You will need to leave the lane and travel on foot on the area dedicated for pedestrian passing.

  8. The car will go through 4 inspection points. It will hardly take 10 minutes.
    • In the first inspection all the lights (head lights, tail lights & hazard lights) and brakes (Normal brake & Hand brake) will be checked. Before going to perform Fahas make sure that all lights are working properly.
      Fahas - Inspection Shed - First Inspection

      Fahas – Inspection Shed – First Inspection

    • In the second inspection all Tyres will be checked. If your tyres have not gone really bad then the inspection will be successful.
      Fahas - Inspection Shed - Second Inspection

      Fahas – Inspection Shed – Second Inspection

    • In the third inspection the carbon emission from the exhaust pipe will be checked. If you are maintaining your car properly then there will be no problem in clearing this inspection.
      Fahas - Inspection Shed - Third Inspection

      Fahas – Inspection Shed – Third Inspection

    • In the last inspection the car will be checked from the bottom. If the lower body of car is fine and there are on oil dripping marks then there will be no issue.
  9. Once all the inspections are done you will be given a paper specifying if the test is clear or not. In case if there is any problem you will have 2 weeks to fix the issue and come again to perform Fahas and will only have to pay 24 SAR for re-inspection.
    Fahas - Inspection Shed - Final Counter

    Fahas – Inspection Shed – Final Counter

    Fahas - Inspection Result

    Fahas – Inspection Result

  10. If there is any minor problem such as some bulb is fuse or there is some problem with the brake, then just outside the Fahas facility there are a number of mechanics available to fix the issue.

All in all, it was a smooth experience. It took 1 hour to get Fahas done. The staff was very cooperative and can understand English.

Location: (Google Coordinates: 24.821097, 46.783861)


91 thoughts on “Fahas – Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection

  1. Be careful with the thugs outside there, for a job of 150 SR they were asking me for 600SR and talking shit only. Do take quote from several mechanics

  2. Hi,

    My car is new 1 year 8 months, i don’t have fahas, yesterday i got fine SAR150 due to failing to take vehile inspection. Can you advice me this fine is valid or not?

  3. Hi, I have a question sir!
    My right Taillight glass is broken, but the the lights are working fine, is this going to be a problem? Do I need to fix the glass to pass the exam?

  4. Hello Sir,

    Fahas for my car is still valid for 20days, can i do renewal using the existing Fahas for time being, later i will take Fahas.

    Please comment.


  5. Hello, my Fahas has expired two years ago, now I need to renew my istimara, so I need to go to Fahas first? is there any fine at Fahas center for not renewal my Fahas ?

  6. What does the CAUT means in Fahas paper. Do i need to repair or ignore CAUTION things. Its actually written in P-Under Carriage (Minor oil Leakage).

  7. Guys you need to renew fahas every year not only when you sell your car or renew istemara. Because i got a ticket if 150Sr because my fahas was expired last month. Police is checking fahas sticker as well these days. Thanks.

  8. My Car model is August 2013 and Istimra valid up to 20.06.2019 so please advise for FAHAS is required now

    1. Technically Fahas needs to be renewed every year, but it is not checked and people renew it before renewing the istimara. Because for istimara valid fahas is required.

        1. As stated earlier technically fahas needs to be renewed every year. If the fahas is not renewed and traffic police catches you, they will fine you.
          But normally it is not checked and people do fahas before istimara renewal or before sale of car.

  9. My car is under of anb bank now i paid cash to the bank, do i need fahas for the transfer of car under of my name the car is only 2 years istimara is still valid

    1. No issues, Checking only light, wiper, front and rear glass, body, front and rear brakes, hand brake, air pollution test and under body inspection. Today I took new fahas for my corolla 2015.

      1. Its not fine. Yesterday my fahas was only failed because of it in Riyadh MVPI on dirab road. And you know my glass were not tinted. I make a very small tint on windshield to protect direct sun light on eye on very upper portion of windshield. I mean i make tint on only upper part of windshield. it was only 5 inch in width but its make my fahas failed.

  10. hi admin,

    my car was having damage with the door at the back due to it was hit by the other car. is it possible to proceed for MVPI?

  11. Dear Admin….. my istimara has expired while i was away on vacation & now will they do Fahas or no for me to get my Istimara renewed from NCB ?
    My car is under NCB’s ownership , as i got it on Auto lease on 5 Years installment basis.

  12. Dear Sir,

    I have lost my istamara and I have visited traffic police office. They told me I have to have this inspection to reissue my istamara because my istamara is going to be expired within 1 year. But it seems that istamara is required for inspection. Is a copy of istamara acceptable? Otherwise, what proof can be used instead of istamara? Thank you for your help.

  13. hi guys, my registration is going to expire on 27th august. can I able to travel to Kuwait? how much fine if I renewed after 3 days?

  14. Dear my istamara will be expired in one.month. car model is 2015. I i want to go for fahasa but there are big scratches on rare right door. I didnt report that accident bcz it was with abonded car. Can i still be able to pass fahas? They can ask abt poloce report?

    1. Car Fahas is nothing to do with registration. Only if registration expired, it is must to have MVPI. Right after Fahas expired, it can be done MVPI to get new sticker for one year. It is up to you,but if you want to sell the car, or want to renew registration, then it is compulsory to make Fahas other wise no problem.

      1. Please don’t misguide. MVPI is PERIODIC means you need it once your MVPI certificate is expiring weather or not you are selling or burning your car. There is a mukhalifa (fine) of SR 150 if caught with expired MVPI. Don’t trust me? Just stop by any traffic policy officer and show him your expired MVPI and say it does not matter then see what it does with you.

  15. admin sir, Is it true that their is already a year model required of your car before they will accept for mvpi? like year 2002 and below model already not allowed for mvpi and should be sent to car junkyard

  16. Dear Admin, I have taken Lease car from KIA it is transferred in my name now as lease period finished, istemara is about to expire in 3 months, KIA people told as it is new car MVPI is valid for 3 yrs, so can I renew the istemara straight away online without checking MVPI.

    Pls. reply it will be helpful

    1. My car was 2 years old and NCB asked me to do Fahas before transferring the car in my name. If the fahas is valid then there will be no problem.

  17. i have to ask you about record in computer its life time or 3 months only .i have problem in car some damage body cutting part down its came in laser then they send in computer.

  18. Dear admin

    Sir my car is fine, and everything is working perfectly fine, except for one fog light, although it is working great, but there are some crack on the stop light plastic piece ,it is not doing any obstruction to the light. would it still be a problem to get pass a fahas? or they are just checking for the working light, and they don’t care and pass Fahas

    And one more thing can my son go to fahas instead of me the vehicle is Registered on my name but if I give my Iqama,license and istemara to my son I am very busy can they accept my son to done fahas

    1. It depends, if the crack is not a hindrance in path of light then it should be fine. But if it is a big crack they might reject it.

        1. Yes he can do it. Even in my company in city of Madina the project manager give his SUV to his secretary along with Istemara and His Iqama and his secretary did it for him

  19. I want to buy a car but owner does not have time for MvPI. I have authorization on white paper given by the owner. Plz advise if can go to get MVPI?

  20. Admin,if the car is still in lease, did it also require fahas renewal by the car owner or the lease company will do it? Its required also mvps sticker even it u under lease?

  21. what is the status of brand new car; is it mandatory for every year or only at the time of renewing istimara

  22. Traffic dept. said they will open new MVPI center located along Dairab Road, do you have any idea is it open now? if yes, can someone share the location.


  23. I have the inspection last Sunday. up to now the traffic office could get the information from MPVI . I cannot proceed with renewal of my ownership licence. Please help what to do

  24. Sir my car is fine, and everything is working perfectly fine, except for one fog light, although it is working great, but there are some stuff like plastic piece below the bulb, when you turn on the fog light the plastic thing is not covering the bulb it is not doing any obstruction to the light. would it still be a problem to get pass a fahas? or they are just checking for the working light, and they don’t care if there are some dirt or material hanging inside the covering case of the fog light.

  25. dear my car is 2015 model Corolla Xli and leased form Abdul Latif Jameel Riyadh, Lease start 06-Jan-2016….do i need to get Fahas for my car? because istimara is with Abdul Latif.

        1. Once Fahas is done it has a validity of 1 year. After it expires after 1 year it needs to be renewed again. But you will only need Fahas if your are going for renew of car registration or change of car ownership.

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