How to use Enjaz Banking Service

For most of the expats, living anywhere around the globe, savings is the only goal keeping them in foreign land, away from the comfort of their home country. At the start of month, getting the hard earned money, first thing most expats do is to transfer funds to their loved ones back home. Funds are transferred via different channels such as banking channel, money transfer services like western union, money gram and online money transfer services like Skrill and Paypal.

In KSA, expats use 2 most popular ways to send money back home, i.e. Banks and money transfer services.

  • Online banking system is very easy and secured method to transfer funds from KSA to our home country. Depending on the source bank in KSA and destination bank in your country, the funds can take from minimum 1 to several days depending on different reasons. Through online banking system one can send money in just couple of minutes. The only drawback of using the banking system is that it takes days to transfer funds from KSA to home country.

  • Expats living in KSA that do not have bank accounts, need to rely on different money transfer services to send money back home. Normally these services take only a few hours to transfer the funds to home country, where your loved ones can get cash from counter.

Few days ago I needed to send money urgently and I came to know about a service called “Enjaz Banking Service“. Enjaz Banking Service is the remittance arm of Bank Albilad, providing national & international money remittance services in KSA.

Enjaz Network:

Enjaz has one of the largest remittance networks with 161 center operational across KSA. To locate the nearest Enjaz center click here.

Enjaz Timings:

Enjaz centers are open 12 hours a day / 365 days a year, from 8 AM to 8 PM. On Fridays, the centers operate from 1 PM to 8 PM.

How to register for Enjaz?
    1. If you are using the Enjaz service for the first time you need to fill up “CIF Opening Agreement” form to register.
    2. Get the form from reception.

  1. Carefully fill all the required information, i.e.
    1. Personal information: name, nationality, gender, address, mobile number, education level & job title
    2. Employer information: employer name, employer address
    3. Iqama information: Iqama number, issue / expiry date, place of issue, profession.
    4. Address in home country
    5. Passport information: passport number, place of issue, issue / expiry date, name as in passport
    6. Average monthly salary
    7. Sign the form at the front and the back
  1. Submit the form at the Teller counter with your original Iqama
  2. The teller will fill in all the information in the system & will make a copy of Iqama and attach to form
  3. With-in minutes you will receive an SMS confirming your registration and mentioning your CIF number.
  4. Save the CIF number for future transactions. If you lost the CIF number then you can give your Iqama at the counter and that will work too as Iqama is now linked with CIF.

enjaz CIF Opening Form

Enjaz – CIF Opening Form

Services provided by Enjaz:
For International Remittance
  1. Enjaz Easy: Enjaz Easy offers cash on counter service which is specifically designed for the expatriate community to send money to their home countries. Through this service, without the need of bank account, the beneficiary can receive cash over the counter at any correspondent bank on Enjaz Easy panel. Enjaz Easy service takes at most 2 hours to transfer the funds. The service can be availed for the following countries:

Bahrain     Bangladesh     Egypt     India     Indonesia

Nepal     Pakistan     Philippines     Srilanka     Sudan

Syria     Turkey     Yemen

  • SWIFT: Using SWIFT you can send money to international bank accounts. The process is simple.
    1. Go to any Enjaz center and register, as described in section ” How to register for Enjaz?“.
    2. After registering fill up the following form with all details i.e. receiver name, IBAN number, destination country, amount & currency.
    3. Then go to Teller and hand in the SWIFT form, amount to send and original Iqama.
    4. Teller will fill in all the information and the money will be credited to the bank account with in 1 to 3 days.
  • Western Union: In KSA, Western Union is partnered with Enjaz Banking Services. To send money via Western Union
    1. Go to any Enjaz center and register, as described in section ” How to register for Enjaz?“.
    2. After registering fill up the following form with all details i.e. receiver name, destination country, amount & currency.
    3. Then go to Teller and hand in the Western Union form, amount to send and original Iqama.
    4. Teller will fill in all the information and the money will be available within minutes in the destination country.
Western Union Form

Western Union Form

Local Remittance

Enjaz offers sending money within KSA without requiring bank account. The process is simple. Visit the nearest Enjaz center, at the Teller provide the amount needs to be sent, along with your Iqama and the detail of the receiver such as, name, city, amount & contact number.

VIP Services

Enjaz has started providing VIP service to following professionals. If you are among them, then there is no need to stand in long queues, you will be prioritized and serviced by either the center manager or head teller.

  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Architect
  • Lawyers
  • Airline Staff
  • Managers & Supervisors

Foreign Exchange

Beside other services, Enjaz also offer foreign exchange service. If you need to convert your foreign currency, just visit the nearest Enjaz center.

38 thoughts on “How to use Enjaz Banking Service

  1. Ive sent money from enjaz bank riyadh to ucpb bank in the philippines last march 6 but i called my bank to the philippines they said until now not posted at my account how many days it will be posted at my ucpb account to the philippine

  2. Hi how cam I do transfer 12000 sr to U.K after charge cost come 18000 gp ??!!
    In the showing 2370 gp!!
    500 gp charge 3000 sr ??!! How come??!!

  3. Just new here in KSA.,and im a little short of money right now. My wife is in Aseer and she wants to send me money thru enjaz and i only have twmporary iqama no. Will it be possible i can receive the money if i only have a temporary iqama issued on me.?pls. Help tnx

  4. I sent money through enjaz to philippines today(21/6/17) but i need to get i back because my brother already sent same amount to philippines we suppose to send only once. How i will get my money back that i already sent? Please help me. Tnx

  5. hi sir, i have send money from enjaz dammam branch to state bank of travancore in india. unfortunately since state bank of india and state bank of travancore is joined now it is only state bank of india so the previous ifsc code is also changed. without knowing this i send money to my sbt with old ifsc till now amount is not credited to the account can i reverse this amount and resend using correct ifsc? please advise

  6. Dear Admin I send money on 08 april in india throught enjaz but there not recieve money.i gone 10- 12 time in nearest branch but there is no suitable answer they said wait
    what i can do now ?
    plz tell me

  7. Hi What would be the case of CIF validity ? is it valid only till you do have visa status ? or is it like at max it is active only for some duration ? Using it am i able to send money to multiple accounts or is it require to send money to same account which i have used at the time of registering with them ? I do not have Iqama as i am holding business visa. is it possible to open account in any saudi bank and use their online banking facility ?

    1. yes you need to open an account with bank albilad, bank alrajhi or any bank having remittance service arm. like enjaz is from bank albilad, taaweel al rajhi from bank alrajhi and i think bank al riyadh also have one and so one. than register on bank web for internet banking add beneficiary and send money any time sitting in home or office as I do 🙂 . is it not simple???

  8. The most annoying service by Enjaz western union. I needed to send money to buy urgent tickets but it was 2 time my father had to stand in que for 1 hour each time and there is even no contact number to chase them. Ridiculous service.

  9. Hi,

    All the banks are providing online services now a days, no need to visit the branch just login to your account and transfer the money to your “Saved” beneficiary at any time, also remittance future also available at the ATM machines. I would like to ask do you have a such service? and how to avail the such services.
    Thank you
    Mohammad Qasim.

      1. Dear Admin,

        So many banks offering online transfer option, Bank al Bilad offer enjaz’s services through internet banking.

        1. Thanks for the information. Yes one can open a bank account and use these services online.

          If you have to send money via Enjaz you can just visit center and from there with out any account you can transfer the money. But to do it online you will have to open an account first and then only you can transfer.

          Once again thanks for the information.

  10. I have tried several enjaz service banks in abha, kamish mushait and Alnamas to exchange my srilankan currency. They said not possible. Only in airport you can do it.

  11. my son send me money thru enjaz jeddah last nov,30 but until now idid not receive its more than 1 week already.he send to metro bank thru enjaz

    1. You should visit the enjaz service center with the transaction number and check with them. If it is ok from their side, then check from the source bank.

  12. Assalamu alaykum. I just want to ask. I already my money in philippines and im also the receiver of the money my problem is the remittance in philippines have a limit of how much money they can gives you. But the teller said i need to transfer to money gram… as i know mlullier remittance from philippines and money gram ard tie for ofw. Just want an answer can i still get my money without money gram form from here saudi arabia. Just nee to fill up if im already in the philippines?

  13. Hi.. I tried Enjaz Riyadh.. I was supposed to send money to jeddah.. But they say it’s not allowed. It should be bank to bank. How is it? My friend has a bank account alrahji is that possible I can deposit money. I don’t have bank account.

    1. Following is the description from Enjaz regarding “LOCAL REMITTANCE”. You can transfer cash from Enjaz to Enjaz with out any bank account. In your case it seems that you need to transfer cash from Enjaz to a bank account, this is not possible. I think, you can go to any Al Rahji branch and from there you can deposit cash in the bank account, even if it is in another city.

      Do not have a bank account? Need to send money urgently within the Kingdom? Yes, you are at the right place! Enjaz baking services provide you the solution which is unique in itself. It is beneficial to people from all communities living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether a local citizen or an expatriate. Through our wide center network, anyone without having a bank account can send and receive cash within the Kingdom from one Enjaz center to the another center. At present we have 151 remittance center situated at most prominent and strategic locations covering outmost parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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